Learn Real Visual Magic -Crazy Rubberbands

April 10, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn this trick, and more magic at http://www.magicmez.com Professional Online Magic Training. FREE Magic Videos. Crazy Rubberbands is a classic “everyday object” magic trick. This trick…


25 Responses to “Learn Real Visual Magic -Crazy Rubberbands”
  1. bratha nice says:

    lol ill start stocking rubber bands in ma grocery store you are welcome

  2. spanishflew says:

    powerful trick of the mind. Even when you know the secret it still fools
    you.Great demo. Great explanation of the techniques.

  3. Elijah Gallagher says:

    wowwy that’s amazing

  4. mahyar rashidzadeh says:

    No matter how hard I try I can’t physically seem to bend my index finger
    when I try to perform the trick? 

  5. Giovanniram22 says:

    The incredible thing is that even when you know how its happened, there is
    nothing lost from the magic illusion. you allways admire the magician
    capabilities of his hands and movements.

  6. Hector Rodriguez says:


  7. Brandy Rediker says:

    i knew tht trick for well yesterday but i screw up a lot so i just watch
    how to do it again

  8. DragoonGirl Gaming says:

    DID IT IT WAS REALLY HARD!!! but I did it!! :D 

  9. John Smith says:

    cool trick dude. i know this was uploaded a while ago but still cool.
    thanks for sharing

  10. Ali Chehab says:

    black magic

  11. Sabugo Ovarom says:

    Very well explained. Thanks a lot. 

  12. Aadi Nyk says:

    cant understand??????

  13. ZuperZmexy says:

    @magicmeztv you look like Filipino.. are you?

  14. Adrien Murgia says:

    Super visual, but not so easy! :p
    Thx for the tutorial!!! 

  15. mohammad fatima says:

    W0w :* U Genius and a Handsome Guy ;-) 

  16. Dante Sandoval says:

    please lessen the unnecessary talks

  17. Anna-Kay Waite says:

    i do not no how 2 do it

  18. aleksandra bader says:

    Amazing trick!

  19. N. N.M says:

    cant understand!!!

  20. vakashi93 says:


  21. Xx_Mr Skuxx_xX says:

    Who cool man your the man

  22. saurabh chaudhary says:

    Thanx dude u helped to impress girls

  23. Ashish kumar says:

    Quite easy to do but difficult to hide from spectator !!

  24. Alexandar Cirkovic says:

    there is awesome trick i do trick After 20 Times

  25. Christabel Low says:

    I can’t do it !

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