James Randi Word Trick

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James Randi gets the word Susie was thinking of from a book she chose. Taken at the JREF HQ in Ft Lauderdale, FL on March 6, 2010 JREF open house before The …
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25 Responses to “James Randi Word Trick”
  1. richie dirtman says:

    noisiest fuckin library in the world!!!

  2. tits mcgee says:


  3. kellter70 says:

    had to turn off at 4 mins…wishing those people would shut up and listen!

  4. davidgriffin14 says:


  5. Anthony Montana says:

    please someone tell me how this trick is done

  6. DollaramaShopper says:

    Her cleavage makes her chilly.

  7. Cap'n Derpy says:
  8. Michael Plaster says:

    You must be kidding me. There is no way to predict what book they choose
    and to read the book ahead of time.

  9. torchkit says:

    Rarely see such big boobs on an asian.

  10. P0L0K0P says:

    It’s actually very easy. Before he hands her the book he flips through the
    pages and memorizes the first sentence from a random page, remembering the
    words and page number. While he flips through the pages of his book and she
    says ‘stop’ he opens the book and says that its opened on the page he
    memorized, so that when she opens her book on that page and reads the first
    sentence, she is reading the same sentence that he has allready read.

  11. Gangu5Kahn says:

    You’re an idiot.

  12. Johnathan. Aviles says:

    How was it done?

  13. Marco lara says:

    the people in the back must not know of the amazing james randi…. this
    must have been a treat for those few students.

  14. futurekawai says:

    Why doesn’t he tell us how the trick is done?

  15. zooby11isbambam says:

    it’s a shame that the camera man has Parkinson’s…

  16. Robert Rijkers says:

    he asked her to pick a word out of the sentence.that would trigger an
    emotion and not get anything mundane like ‘and’ or ‘but’ ..so he guided her
    to the particular word

  17. estebanrey says:

    As I said though, if you force the word then you can reveal the prediction
    before they do. Randi didn’t reveal his prediction until after she had said
    it making the most likely explanation that he gave her a genuine free
    choice but then wrote the information after discovering the information.
    Although without more footage from earlier in the trick it’s impossible to

  18. Tyler C says:

    These are all assumptions, each and every one of them is wrong. Try again.

  19. Brandon Kinross says:

    Revealing the word before they do can have adverse effects as well. Randy
    chose to reveal after she did so the spectator cannot deny it. It’s written
    down. Otherwise a skeptic on his “being fooled” demonstration could lie
    about it. He clearly references the second book and how the “page” is
    different in BOTH books. lol. The reason the second book is on the same
    page, is because it was used to force a page for the book in her hands.
    Which he already knows the word of on the first line.

  20. Jonathan Lemus says:

    -.- dude you think your the only one that knows the trick?

  21. puppetsock says:

    Seriously noisy in this library. Or is it a book store?

  22. Jeansieguy says:

    Someone tell those people in the background, to SHUT UP!

  23. md says:

    I love the end! “No, I’ll tell you why I don’t tell you how a trick like
    that is done.. Be…[cause]“

  24. Johnny B Bad says:

    Chinese girls don’t naturally have breasts that great. Don’t confuse that
    with complaining :)

  25. the 0h says:

    I wanted to know that :/

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