Interactive Magic Trick Selection 2

January 6, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks

thanks for choosing the second card pile. once again, we did not change the cards. comment, rate, subscribe.
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5 Responses to “Interactive Magic Trick Selection 2”
  1. XMagicanImpossiblexX says:

    The Card Aint Even A 6 Its A 9 Its Upside Down Shit Trick Man

  2. squashdudes says:

    @XMagicanImpossiblexX it’d definitely a 6, the heart is right side up…

  3. Kimmie Charlie says:

    @squashdudes Well okay then xx I’ll take your word for it xx :)

  4. juliachetcuti says:

    Cool good job dude

  5. Kimmie Charlie says:

    I dont really know… might have looked at the card… Sorry that im being

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