Instagram Magic – Clip from Magic Block Party

December 21, 2014 by Admin  
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An interactive magic trick that works right thru your screen! This is just a peek at 2014′s Magic Block Party! See complete Block Party here:…
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25 Responses to “Instagram Magic – Clip from Magic Block Party”
  1. Justin Flom says:

    Here’s an interactive clip from this year’s Magic Block Party! See if the
    magic works for you.

  2. Gvidas Tranavičius says:

    i tryed with top right and it didn’t work

  3. Samantha Vickey says:

    Oh ny god, that didnt just happen!

  4. Robbie Prince says:

    Try it with any colour photo and it will work.

  5. Michael Brown says:

    You are the best magician 

  6. cyborggold says:

    I’m sorry Justin… but I expect more of you… this is a remake of a very
    old trick. Almost everything I have seen from you is mind blowing and
    fantastic. This, well, this is amateurish. I remember two decades ago doing
    this trick with david copperfield on my CRT tv, lol. You are way too good
    at what you do to use these easily figured out ‘tricks.’

  7. bublesss123 says:

    Dude, charge your phone!

  8. SeeK Melo says:

    wish u were at the sorcerers magic camp

  9. Privetto321 says:

    i think this video was reuploaded becuase i watched it about a week ago

  10. trukeando JSM says:

    I’ve just select that photo from the beginning and I didn’t listen what you
    said and when I saw the people with that picture I was like wtf!! Jajajaj.
    Really good man!

  11. Alex Jimenez says:

    I am a girl and I love justin flom cool party I love u justin flom <3

  12. Jonnerstv says:

    The pictures and the directions were pretty much designed to go to that
    specific picture one way or another. very crafty. #Buzzkill

  13. AlmostNormalNL says:

    holy what

  14. NickeLudde says:

    lol it was worng.. :P 

  15. Chris Hamler says:

    How tf did you do that

  16. Jp Escamilla says:

    The way he set up the pictures on the page, it’s always going to be the
    fire breathing picture

  17. Flex71 BHH says:

    Ok, you’re getting be a little suspect…you were black a lot.

  18. kyle richards says:

    Flom you are a mind freak!!!!!! I love the MAGIC!!! 

  19. Giannis Kim says:

    this isnt magic dude ;) just a trick

  20. Long Tran says:

    “Random”, still enjoyed it though.

  21. RufusColby says:

    I think I’m more impressed with the shot afterwards lol is it a drone?

  22. Jason Sanchez says:

    What’s the beat from 00:05 to 00:21? 

  23. Indy Chana says:

    That was my picture omg

  24. caio lombardi says:

    song this video? 1:16 minutes 

  25. Anders Møller says:

    It dont work

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