How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell

January 2, 2015 by Admin  
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Read this description if you’re having trouble! A few tips to make sure that this works right: Pulling the sleeve hard after it has been wound up is the most…
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25 Responses to “How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell”
  1. Morpheus Gamer says:

    thank you now my t-shirt fucked up

  2. Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef says:

    Just because :) Breakfast will never be the same again . How to Scramble
    Eggs Inside Their Shell

  3. MrAMorphine says:

    youre a witch! lol nah very cool vids thank you for doing them

  4. mai xiong says:

    Kool I like. Ima try that later

  5. GummiBear101 says:


  6. ДуХLEss says:

    Это хуйня я смотрел научных нубов они крутили крутили обычное яицо
    сварилось всё это хуита.

  7. lawnmower16 says:

    Cool, except the fact remains that it’s a lot quicker and easier to crack
    open and scramble an egg in a pan than it is to do all of this, and then
    peel the boiled egg.

  8. ChavoMysterio says:

    That would be perfect for easy egg salad.

  9. SmokeRollin2013 says:

    lol This dude’s professional as fuck about an egg.

  10. Никита Кузьмин says:

    Говно фейк я от макса и кости

  11. David Dunaway says:

    We put it in side tube sock in the in the center and spin and yanked it and
    boiled it

  12. Aki Penttinen says:


  13. stegokitty says:

    Well, it’s about variety in life. Why make something the same old way, when
    you can make it another, and still get similar taste results? They might be
    fun for decoratively festive party eggs. Another consideration would be
    “less mess”, as cleaning up after boiling eggs is a little less than
    cleaning up after scrambling. Convenience would be another … it’s easy to
    shove a couple of boiled eggs into a Baggie than it would be for loose,
    scrambled eggs. Yes? Cheers :)

  14. Stephan Van Sant says:

    Looking forward to the next video where you can salt it inside their shell;
    and the next: with bacon!

  15. Burnt Ashes says:

    This works. But for me, I accidentally cracked a bit of the shell at the
    start. but it still came out nice at the end. :)

  16. startrekalien says:

    cool. now how do I remove the cholesterol filled yolk? JK.

  17. Soft Stone says:

    Mmm, that delicious scrambled center…

  18. li lutrinae says:

    where’s the fun in that

  19. Riku Hearts says:

    Actually eggs are more like hen periods the ones you buy at the stores
    aren’t fertilized by the roosters. Hens just naturally lay eggs randomly.

  20. RootAccess says:

    haters gonna hate

  21. Антон Коваль says:

    vi obmanshiki!! ruskie parni dokozali chto eto ne pravda

  22. sherby dooling says:

    *as i will i meant to say

  23. MsCpcheats says:


  24. Shepherd School says:

    Great video, I will have to try this – the wife loves boiled eggs cause
    they are easy to eat on the go…

  25. sheri M says:

    Wow! so simple! but soo cool! lol:)

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