How To Reveal A Card – Long Card Trick – Easy To Learn Card Magic

January 15, 2015 by Admin  
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CLICK HERE Video #114 Long Card Trick at Julian’s Magician School. The long card is a very o…


25 Responses to “How To Reveal A Card – Long Card Trick – Easy To Learn Card Magic”
  1. shoba shari says:
  2. Sn00zie says:

    Now I can 

  3. spideypark says:

    Wasn’t it obvious how he did it?

  4. ItzChromos says:


  5. Lapcerdaysickleking says:

    How do u no they is gonna pick 8 of clubs it could be 7 spades?!

  6. weswagginout says:


  7. Julian's Magician School says:

    There are so many kids going through there. Don’t be afraid of people
    having seen magic before. Less than 1% of the population EVER sees a
    magician in their life.

  8. Ty Tan says:

    Clubs of 8 Of 8 clubs 8 clubs of

  9. Old Mate Tickle Toe says:

    wow do you want you gift basket for 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st??

  10. Freddy Krepps says:

    Very clever

  11. steve wick says:

    So much fun from one simple card force. You are seriously brilliant with
    all your tricks and gags.

  12. DELUSION Aus says:

    help can u sent the card thing by email pls

  13. Julian's Magician School says:

    Usually once a week but sometimes I miss a few weeks

  14. Ricardo Romero says:

    Incredibly creative force reveal! The most creative i’ve gone is placing a
    card in someone’s pocket without them noticing.

  15. Julian's Magician School says:

    Downloads working correctly my end. Must be your end. Contact me through my
    website contact form

  16. LightningTiger3 says:

    Thank you so much julian for this video :)

  17. NoobLearn says:

    new zeland*

  18. Julian's Magician School says:

    Becuase you wouldn’t do this trick for the same audience as it works on the
    surprise element of the card being long. Go and look at the Bigger or
    Smaller card trick. I think it’s video #52. It can be used as a follow up
    to this.

  19. Julian's Magician School says:

    Watch Mac King, Michael Finney, Bill Malone, David Williamson, Bob Sheets,
    Joe Monti, Mel Mellers, Charlie Frye and get some ideas from their styles.
    Hope this helps.

  20. weswagginout says:


  21. harry tombs says:

    i love your videos there really inspiring hope u do lots more videos and
    can i ask what is your Favorite trick please reply :)

  22. jordan brodsky says:

    my card was the 8 of clubs on the bottom. LOL

  23. weswagginout says:

    dude calm yo tits it was just a JOKE god :( but thanks for replying ;)

  24. MagicSchool360 says:

    As always, great video!

  25. mietsju says:

    three of clubs <3

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