How to Hypnotize Someone

March 25, 2015 by Admin  
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Free Hypnosis Course at Learn how to hypnotize someone with our free course, click the link above. There have been tons of people emailing us and asking for…
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23 Responses to “How to Hypnotize Someone”
  1. CubKits says:

    I feel like she is verbally raping my ears.

  2. curlybobz says:

    Is it possible to hypnotize women and tell them to do immoral things?

  3. Hired says:

    Plot twist: She hypnotized us in this video

  4. Asiah Pulley says:

    I took note notes. I want to be a professional hypnotic woman. I’m only 12

  5. robin Taub says:

    the first 28 seconds were creepy i am not doing

  6. Chatbox 3000 says:

    this isnt easy at all!I tried to hypnotize my 7 year old sister and it
    didnt work

  7. MrEpic says:

    I could feel her hypnotising me!!! I can’t believe this actually works not

  8. dhruv sarin says:

    Ohhhhh My god… this video was so freaking creepy!. never watching this

  9. Ben wolfe says:

    can summone give me advice? please!

  10. Jess Makepeace says:

    Holy crap! I couldn’t open my eyelids! Never watching a hypnosis video ever
    again! So freaked out

  11. Willy Dubon says:

    wtf i did this and i couldn’t open my eyes my sister was calling my name
    when she touch me i wake up !

  12. LAW Peace says:

    Maybe WORK but its a MIND TRICK(so stupid work / EVIL and you will regret
    for doing that later but in very dangerous way and you will beg but maybe
    will be too late).. go trust to Jesus Christ and his HOLLY Father, Mother
    and HOLY GHOST & all “GOOD” enthity in heaven, HYPNOSY is TRICK for MIND,
    just EVIL WORK, dont play with that if want to live peacefull life, if want
    chaos in your life and unhappiness than do what you want… but please

  13. The House of FX says:

    I have people try this for years on me. No one could ever Hypnotize me
    even with my complete cooperation

  14. x says:


  15. Coltyn Dearen says:

    Im never watching another hypnotism video ever again

  16. Attmanwart says:

    This only works on a weak mind im a jedi

  17. Diamond 4 blaze says:

    how to you unhypnotize someone?

  18. Rhiannan Fitzgerald says:

    I am nine and I can hypmois annoying boys that are year 5 and 6.

  19. TheCrazyGamer548 says:

    Wow i nearly slept

  20. Ben wolfe says:

    its not wercking

  21. shell g says:

    I couldn’t feel any thing ANY THING but magic is real cos I did a spell to
    be able to eat fire and it worked but you do start to feel naushous

    PS I could have spelled naushous wrong

  22. f-ing privacy says:

    I looked at your website, all I saw were Advertisements, if you or anyone
    else could get that fixed, I’d love to learn new methods of hypnosis.

  23. Owen Langley says:

    I am liking this

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