How to Force a Card | Card Magic Tricks Revealed | Xavier Perret

April 5, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn How to Force Cards with Xavier Perret -Magic Master- WATCH IN HD!!!!, Like, Comment, Subscribe!!**CLICK ON SHOW MORE** Longitudinal palm is NOT Tenkai palm!! This technique will allow.
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25 Responses to “How to Force a Card | Card Magic Tricks Revealed | Xavier Perret”
  1. Xavier Perret says:

    Longitudinal palm is NOT Tenkai palm!! 

  2. Seifeddine Dridi says:

    You are a very magician i like you

  3. Shanghai Luu says:

    vietnamses bai bip ok 

  4. mos4magic says:

    Again…total sickness!!!!!!

  5. magie rapide says:

    Very amazing like all your others magic tricks that I saw.

  6. mi6opro says:


  7. Super Simon says:

    Hello Xavier! You are a Great Wizard and an Awesome Person, my friend!
    Thanks for the excellent, HD cinematic videos of such beauty, brother. You
    inspire me. Love & Peace


  8. The.King.Of.Spades says:

    Kind’a Scary

  9. Mahmoud eid says:

    You are the best

  10. Gabriele Vitrugno says:

    This is my favourite force

  11. ariel azoulay says:

    Wha kind of decks u r using ?

  12. Heraclitean says:

    Nice reverb. I thought he was in a cave. Best trick of all.

  13. Dumitru Robu says:

    XAVIER THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK! We Really Apreciate it very much! You
    have influnced me a lot! Thanks Man, Greetings From the Republik Of Moldova

  14. jonitil says:

    Thaaank you <3 :) awesome

  15. Elwn Pencoso says:


  16. Michael Treagus says:

    i love the intense cinematography

  17. Noah Olmeijer says:

    well euum your voice is a bit creepy :

  18. AimenTv5 © says:

    Thanks so much for this video.

  19. theo quantick says:

    what films is it ment to be?

  20. For PLAY says:

    Wow it’s the best way to force a card I ever seen.. Wow… Great guy 

  21. ManlyTeddybear says:

    while watching the vid, there were some paper sheets hanging left to me and
    when you did the trick they fell :P lol…

  22. Diavolo Kelevra says:

    You truly are the best card magician I have seen on youtube!


    Wow !!! I just watched few of your videos Xavier and I’m fucking amazed !!!
    your videos are way above tricks or tutorials, they meet expectations of
    Magicians (at least mine !). Love it when conjuring art meet the 7th art !
    take care and wish you a lot of success !!! 

  24. Koli Bandyopadhyay says:

    Fantastic demo with excellent audio.

  25. Chris - magik says:


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