How to FALSE CUT | Card Magic Tricks Revealed | Xavier Perret

February 13, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn this easy yet stunning False Cut with expert card magician Xavier Perret. Watch in HD! Like! Comment! SUBSCRIBE and become a Wizard!! ***CLICK ON SHOW …
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25 Responses to “How to FALSE CUT | Card Magic Tricks Revealed | Xavier Perret”
  1. Sahm A says:

    How the hell do you only have 45k subs? Hard to believe. Maybe full length
    tutorials would attract more people to the channel.

  2. Alistar Parikh says:

    Xavier what cards do u use

  3. Faust xII says:

    u are amazing man … u are so simple, yet so original in your magic, you
    are trully an inspiration!

  4. PewDieBitch says:

    best magician EVER :D 

  5. Mani Prestigiose says:

    Top quality and class really…

  6. ShmoppyMagic says:

    You are truly amazing at magic and filming 

  7. says:

    you are really amazing 

  8. Benjamin Balanzar says:

    hey you should give away cards it be cool and nice.

  9. Sinicul87 says:

    I really enjoy the quality of videos that you put out thank you

  10. mm msn says:

    Super triple fausse coupe merci pour les sous titres

  11. Bot Vincent says:

    That’s the best false cut i’ve never seen in my life

  12. Frederick Mitchell says:


  13. Benjamin Balanzar says:

    Also nice cuts thank you

  14. Chris - magik says:

    beautifull false cut

  15. Twillsinc says:

    What a beautiful cut. Just found your channel – thank you

  16. Henri Debusscher says:

    Énorme continue surtout tes montages et tes tours également bravo !!!

  17. Xavier Perret says:
  18. sandy1993110 says:
  19. Alvis Nguyen says:
  20. Art of Illusion says:
  21. AstroMagic131 says:
  22. Maël Gallou says:
  23. Quentin Clabots says:

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