How to Do the Menu Item Mentalism Trick | Table Magic Tricks

January 30, 2015 by Admin  
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16 Responses to “How to Do the Menu Item Mentalism Trick | Table Magic Tricks”
  1. Jose Luis Rodriguez says:

    Not even the guy understand the mathematics! at 3:28 “that’s getting a
    little complicated”. Not at all! If you want the bear number 1, add 2, if
    you want the 2, add 4.
    Using the multiplication table 2 is not “getting a little complicated”.

  2. MrJeanCuleJr says:

    bitch looks at the nigga like she wanna fuck the living out of him

  3. robinbuster says:

    this is either a spoof, or a legit tutorial intended for 7yolds

  4. Geve Penaflor says:

    You sound like Jonah Hill. 

  5. jimboone007 says:

    you could fool a CHILD with this trick. ONCE. lame

  6. Hussam Khan says:

    The answer is always the same, how would you know when to add or how much
    to add if you don’t even know the number, I mean that’s why its called a
    ‘trick’ if you surprise them.

  7. Zynoa Piano says:

    She has absolutely no idea what any of that math was….

  8. OasisGummyBear says:

    A guy on YouTube named MrCompleteRandom just made a mentalism magic trick
    video that was way more surprising and could definately get better
    reactions than this one. It’s more of a guessing trick that more times than
    not will work and blow some minds. It uses math, letters, countries, and
    animals. I almost shit myself, hahaha

  9. Chris Woods says:

    If you did the number 7 you get 5

  10. usk000 says:

    Thanks. But trick doesn’t predict the number you chose, but simply a number
    that the trick brought it to, that you prob didn’t want?

  11. corruption2012 says:

    Why does he sound like Jonah Hill

  12. Xomariah chavezXo says:

    I know how to do it

  13. Victoria Raelynn says:

    That was lame

  14. browneye1968 says:


  15. 267bobster says:

    she is so hot

  16. Viv Chawda says:

    she looks weird

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