How To Do The Magic Kissing Card Trick

March 20, 2015 by Admin  
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the video: fuck yall.
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25 Responses to “How To Do The Magic Kissing Card Trick”
  1. Nightpacer1 says:

    That ending is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. daniel rodney says:

    dude get everyone who called u ugly and ball their head and you’l see who’s
    ugly make sure it’s shining 

  3. Ella Emerald says:

    Is he talking about Stuart Edge?

  4. Jacob Duhhh says:

    This guy… is awesome 

  5. RobloxExploitsOfNexus says:

    The end tho

  6. John Monbeck says:

    that tipple chin tho

  7. Senpai is a pervert says:

    they have the d in their mouth lol wat

  8. dillon mclain says:

    and he wonders why he is single…

  9. massi made says:

    Hahaha he tried to rant at the end but failed lmao

  10. TheDiamondRandom says:

    You are a fucken idol not fucken curss to him you mother fucker

  11. godzillanightmare says:

    thanks man, you’re not ugly, you actually look a nice, funny, and smart guy

  12. World of Tyrell says:

    You seem really musical thats cool!!

  13. Eliise-Betty Järve says:

    Omg! My stomac hurts so bad now! It was so funny! I would kiss you… XDXD
    I hope it wasn’t really schoolwork… XDXD Thank you for making my day!

  14. OohDumm says:

    U re not funny at all

  15. Hillary Wurts says:

    As a girl who has been damn tricked by this trick….commmeeonnn. The
    reason it worked is because all I could think about is how I knew the lil
    weirdo was gonna try to kiss me. This is good for like, you’re
    girlfriend/boyfriend, but please don’t force a girl to kiss you if she
    doesn’t want to…and especially think about the fact that this dude is
    using the word VICTIM. It’s gross. 

  16. CFL Magic says:

    your awesome man btw you are not ugly (no homo tho)

  17. artjr61 says:

    Why did you have to act like a jerk at the end your video was pretty good
    till then

  18. Glassofpepsi says:

    best end ever hahahaha!!

  19. Herman Blom says:

    “They have the D in their mouth” hahahahah (3:48)

  20. Filip Tasev says:

    Hey bro you are not ugly.if someone says you are ugly or fat that means
    they are jelous
    Like my comment if you agree 

  21. yourdan23 says:

    lol I did it and it work

  22. Kristin Syvertsen says:

    I found out really Quick that I knew the trick already, so I would not
    really need to watch the whole thing. But if they say no to kiss you, tell
    them to kiss you on your cheek or hold your hand. That would work too, ofc.

  23. Matthew Carrier says:

    What are u in ur moms basement ???

  24. DualMelody says:

    3:47 XD

  25. Sykvia Abbott says:

    You are not fat ore ugly

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