How to Do Pencil & Bill Vanish Trick | Magic Tricks

March 11, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “How to Do Pencil & Bill Vanish Trick | Magic Tricks”
  1. Games Cooky says:

    Let me ask you something. Are you a real magician? Becouse this doesn’t
    look like legit magic tricks. This looks like something anyone could come
    up with

  2. juliet rocks says:

    LOL Is it just me or do they dress the same outfit in every video?

  3. moordenaar van sterren says:

    Lol I saw the dang thing go to his ear

  4. James simons d says:

    at least this made me laugh LOL

  5. Kieyana Ellis says:

    When he tap the pencil on his hand he quickly put it behind his ear then
    qickly put the money in his pocket duhhh

  6. Joshua Sanders says:

    At 0:37 he puts it behind his ear

  7. Laughytaffy says:

    “I like to use bills cause their all over the place” yeah righ

  8. Devyn Conlan says:

    what if you don’t have a pocket

  9. Taronda Logan says:

    He put the money behind his back

  10. Ali Hammad says:

    How dum u saw the whole thing the first time so obvious

  11. amson elswit says:

    this is not called as magic

  12. Nag Kappera says:

    Dumbest magic trick ever …

  13. Zack Dalrymple says:

    I did it to my lil sister and she started crying because she lost her

  14. Wissem Riahi says:

    Does this works on people older than 3 years old?

  15. Siska Atanasova says:

    its an trcik but everybody see that you do your pencil on your ear on the 3

  16. smokeybirdman says:

    That’s the most pathetic trick i ever saw. It was so obvious you put it
    into your pocket. You aren’t a magician. Please do better tricks or
    something else 

  17. marios istambul says:

    you cannot fool a blind , sleeping dog with this trick. 

  18. Qas Bha says:

    he got rejected from America’s got talent. you could see what he did

  19. David Girchenko says:

    That was easy

  20. Luka Mahe Crenn says:

    He went behind his pocket

  21. Roy Jiminez says:

    Great trick, this is the trick that the great Houdini was performing when
    he accidently poked himself in the eye and was rushed to the hospital where
    he died. Another death defying trick he did was the disapearing thumb done
    by grand fathers all over the world.

  22. jomoskie says:

    That was really cool I learned it quick

  23. Kahlil Johnson says:

    why do you wear the same clothes every video

  24. Jayden Paul Cosens says:

    I,ve seen Hetha before in U.S.A

  25. caoimhe grouse says:

    i saw u do put it behind your back but its a nice handy trick

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