HOW TO DO MAGIC – like a JEDI! Card Trick Tutorial!

May 3, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “HOW TO DO MAGIC – like a JEDI! Card Trick Tutorial!”
  1. Rich Ferguson says:

    I wish I had access to great learning systems when I got into magic!!
    Please support my friends here and please enjoy this simple and AWESOME

  2. Rich Ferguson says:

    Add YOUR magic story here to THIS thread to win the prize!!

  3. ihatewands says:

    I have been performing magic for a year and a half and I just came up with
    an effect to have a spectators card appear on my Chapstick.
    I did this last night and got great reactions.
    I have decided to my this my new closer effect.
    Magic is my passion and what drives me to reach for the stars.
    I will always perform to entertain others never just for myself.

  4. Katastrofa_ Fapulous says:

    unless the spec stick the card between the ace of spades and the selcted
    card. then you fucked.

  5. JuiZyy ~ CS:GO says:

    What if the top card actually hits just between the ace of spades and their
    card? :D 

  6. Marcos Amparo says:

    I can also do magic. I can make this comment be top comment in under an
    hour. WATCH!

  7. Rich Ferguson says:

    Yes, my magic friends are from Netherlands. There’s kickstarter project is Help them out if you love magic!

  8. gotti619 says:

    What if the person doesn’t put the ace in the middle? Like somewhere on the
    bottom (last card, …). He will see that it’s been “manipulated”.

  9. Martti Groenen says:

    Is that dude Dutch?

  10. Vectra|Editor says:

    Is he Dutch?

  11. AaronPayneMagic101 says:

    I was doing magic to some people when someone runs into me and knocks the
    deck out of my hand by accident in mid air from a completely shuffled deck
    I grab at a card and find the selected card and one that some one thought
    of moments before! #Crazy 

  12. Sizzlik says:

    I dont like the idea of asking for a card first and then looking throu the
    deck for another card, but i will deff add the idea of doing a charlier
    while putting the deck behind someones back to my ACR =)

  13. Vaidas Sukarevičius says:

    thank you Rich Ferguson for magic and pranks. You are really great as all

  14. Big Kartenhaus says:

    So… what if they accidentally put the top card right in between their
    selected card and the ace of spades? :D 

  15. Prank Files says:

    Thanks, Rich

  16. Zack Steele says:

    Your at the table lecture is amazing! I already have it and have applied a
    number of the marketing tricks/tips and thank you very much for all the

  17. DavidKyokushin says:

    There is a possibility (like 1/52) that they put their card between the ace
    of spade and their card, right?

  18. MagicJACK99 says:

    Hey +Rich Ferguson this isn’t exactly crazy but about 6-7 years ago (when I
    was 8 or 9) I learnt my first card trick and I thought I was so good, so I
    started to perform the card trick at school for some friends, they picked
    something like the 3 of spades and I had them replace it in the deck and I
    done some cuts to control the card to the top. And when I said that the top
    card was theres and turned it over it wasnt, I didnt know what to do at
    first but then I remembered that I had the invisible deck with me which I
    was just learning how to perform, and I asked my friends what there card
    was and it happened to be the only face down card in the deck! I literally
    got the best reaction ever!! I’m still really nervous when performing for
    people because I don’t know whats going to happen! Or how they will react,
    ps thanks for the great videos! 

  19. Dimitar Hristov says:

    That is very good :) 

  20. Manuel Rospigliosi says:

    “Eight of farts”.

  21. SomeUrbanNinja says:

    that’s a pretty girl!

  22. TommyGunz01 -_- says:

    Magic= marvelous attractive giant illusion craft

  23. doug heffernan says:

    The dude is Dutch no questions asked

  24. Ryan Lee says:

    What happens if the spectator by chance puts it in between the Ace and the
    card in question? 

  25. 3vidence4you says:

    If I was to try this trick they would probably put the top card between the
    ace and and the card of their choice :( 

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