How to do Killer Magic with a Dollar!

December 19, 2014 by Admin  
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Learn other Dollar and Money magic tricks: This one was right from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks ( ) com…
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23 Responses to “How to do Killer Magic with a Dollar!”
  1. Letseatsockz Ohyea says:

    I am one of those five ladies 

  2. ken heine says:

    I almost forgot to mention a good quality video. 

  3. Dalyn Ferguson says:

    lovin the last name

  4. Cantouchthis73 says:

    I have done this trick before in front of a crowd. Had a volunteer pull it
    through, AMAZED everyone. It is a great trick to do! I took a dollar from
    someone in the crowd and didnt have it all set up like this guy did. I also
    learned it myself, not bragging, just happy :) 

  5. ZombieK1lla2000 says:

    Don’t do this with anything besides a dollar bill

  6. Jordan Shore says:

    So cool

  7. 17wSS says:


  8. taha albar says:

    This is very smart

  9. Christine Lock says:


  10. Milo Games says:

    Scam School

  11. TaylorGang1 says:

    Wanna be Pauly D

  12. Kenlie Taylor says:

    cool, but, why kill, a innocent dollar?

  13. Fright Rider says:

    4:08 To skip the add :) .

  14. Chris77Rocks says:

    my mom.. she will not like this dollar trick lol

  15. B Bong says:

    thx for sharing

  16. RandomGamer :3 says:

    I lost a dollar because of you :( .

  17. The Effers says:

    You can use a dollar even if its ripped in half, as long as it has one of
    the entire serial numbers.

  18. Max Ortiz says:

    Did he really just come up out of the sea

  19. Excalseras says:

    Lol. People always told me it was illegal to deface money. :-P I’m gonna do
    this. :-) :-) :-)

  20. zopiclone199 says:

    In my country, the dollar is no longer in circulation as a paper bill. The
    lowest paper bill denomination is five dollars…. :(

  21. 000001sweetheart says:

    That’s awesome I am going to do that to my friends

  22. Kenlie Taylor says:

    i like it :)

  23. Glen Denoon says:


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