How Predictable Are You?

February 24, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “How Predictable Are You?”
  1. Yoquese Putos says:

    I follow the rules (I swear) and I was on the arrows when you removed them

  2. Mark Rogachevsky says:

    I chose the house,SO I WIN,GET REKT.

  3. Jacob Cottle says:

    I see, no mater what number he calls out you can’t be on the square he
    removes, the subliminal smiley face that shows up at 2:04 is just a joke
    and has nothing to do with the trick. The trick is the numbers he’s
    calling out. You can’t be on the square he removes. I’ve tried all kinds
    of predictions and combinations and not been able to be on a square he
    removes. Unless anyone can prove I’m wrong anyone that’s saying they won
    is either lying, or messed up unknowingly and needs to try again.

  4. Jaidev Ashok says:

    It’s easy to figure out. It works according to parity. Say you imagine them
    to be alternately colored squares (like a chessboard), you’d realize that
    after every even number of moves you end up on the same color you started
    that round with, and if odd, end up on a differently colored one. The very
    reason you end up at that last note is because he *chooses so* and
    restricts your movement that way, calling out the kind of number he wants
    and eliminating a square he’d like NOT like you to go to, of the opposite
    parity. Say, for example, if you were on a black square, he’d call out an
    odd count and eliminate that square cleanly.

    *Also note that he always keeps an equal number of black and white squares
    after every other round.*

    So there it is, the puzzle deciphered. 

  5. Bruce Gunn says:

    1:02 Hope you’re quick at pausing. ;) 

  6. Katie Kat says:

    He was wrong every time….

  7. Fenbi da Fenbiloid says:


  8. TheSoup222222 says:

    How? Wait, it was a subliminal thing around 1:02 I think! Wow!

  9. Idk wut to put here says:

    OMG! He was right EVERY TIME!

  10. The Lonely Delphox says:

    I appear to be very unpredictable, because only two of them I wasn’t on
    when you predicted them.

  11. MultiDevan13 says:

    yea i chose theta, i don’t know if its called that

  12. Bella Leung says:


  13. Colorfulworld says:

    Hah ha he didn’t get most of them right for me.

  14. TheEnderGam3r says:

    Omg! Is It Me Who Is Good At Predicting Or Is It The Trick? I Don’t Really
    Know?! XD

  15. Ben G says:

    I was on the wavy lines
    I followed the rules though

  16. Micflare1 No says:

    how did you do that…

  17. XTtriple-Ojee says:


  18. Naya Sky says:

    Nope! I did choose the Q.

  19. Kuba Jankowiak says:

    Prodicted only the last picture lol not really gut bro

  20. اشاشغخعسثشقؤاثيعحصاشففاهسىشةثهس says:

    Both times I tried I failed. And I followed ALL RULES.

  21. Rida Darwish says:

    i did choose the unhappy face

  22. Bobbie Folk says:

    you got it your awesome!!!

  23. Simpossible says:

    I was on the Sad face when you removed it :/

  24. SketCHa Z says:

    I chose he unhappy face 

  25. WhiteWolfBlueEyeGaming says:

    Actually it was wrong… He did say you could move your finger to a square
    you already visited right? When there were 3 I just went up and down. I
    ended up with my finger on the highest paper. Then, at the end with 2
    papers, I was on the one left of the girl face. Explaination?

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