Gospel Magic: The Cross Trick – Mike Bliss

February 6, 2015 by Admin  
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Mike Bliss gives an illustration about sin and that we can’t do anything on our own to get rid of it. Jesus died, His blood was shed, so we can have Eternal …


4 Responses to “Gospel Magic: The Cross Trick – Mike Bliss”
  1. Christopher Pyke says:

    Pure Water
    Add Iodine (can mix with starch to create a muddier texture) to create sin
    An Ash crucifix (Ash doesn’t stain) with a hidden chamber in the bottom.
    Hydrogen Peroxide in the hidden chamber.
    DO NOT DRINK ‘PURIFIED’ WATER. It is poisonous. 

  2. Volodymyr Grinchenko says:

    a great object lesson, thank you for posting! where can I get the recipe or
    a kit for the demonstration? 

  3. David j Schultz II says:

    Mike, awesome effect! What is the name of this trick and where can I find
    it thanks! 

  4. Mydas Neomagie says:

    Even though I don’t condone your view on religion, I must admit that I love
    the way you present a story and how you’re not afraid to share your point
    of view with anyone who listens. May your God bless you! Infinite <3

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