Girl Demonstrates Preschool Kids Flubber Recipe

January 21, 2015 by Admin  
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Preschool E.C.E female demonstrates a cool Flubber recipe that you and your kids will love to make! This is easily made, clean and loads of fun for preschool…
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22 Responses to “Girl Demonstrates Preschool Kids Flubber Recipe”
  1. snowchan101 says:

    can i use tide?

  2. symiote100 says:

    yeah ur right

  3. Crystal Tweeboom says:

    I think she should have put the food colour in the gleu and not the water,
    thats why the gleu didn’t take the green.

  4. masterly57 says:

    instead of borax you could use the liquid starch used in cloths :)

  5. Beanies91 says:

    that stuff is fun. Who doesnt hate teachers?

  6. wondertoti says:

    LOL, you must hate school to cause you can’t even spell!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. billiebutton18 says:

    Thank you for this video. Very helpful.

  8. Irisheyes77christy says:

    You had me worried about your rings =)

  9. Alyssa Burns says:

    you need to stir the glue and water.

  10. Irisheyes77christy says:

    My kids are going to LOVE this, Thank You!

  11. LesHut says:

    I never could understand why someone would take a bowl with a very THICK
    liquid, and pour it into a bowl with a very thin liquid, and then scrape,
    scrape, scrape the thick liquid out of the bowl, when it makes much more
    sense to pour the thin liquid (bowl #2) into the thick mixture bowl (bowl
    #1). :-)

  12. omimunk says:

    u may be non messy playing with it but if something goes wrong when making
    it… your swrewed

  13. Christyne Maran says:

    why would she pour the thick mixture into the borax ?!

  14. SuperGrape101 says:

    @EvilKnevil1972 you can use tide ! it works even better

  15. ApacheMiles says:

    Thank you for making this video I am going to show more people how to do
    this activity.

  16. snowchan101 says:

    ok thnx

  17. VictorianStraightUp says:

    Fix your audio.

  18. STRIPES7670 says:

    what do you do with the rest of liquid

  19. Jesmine Le Grand says:

    o-o silly putty!!!

  20. inmans77 says:

    cool vid

  21. afroboy198 says:

    damn teachers are lyers i hate teachers

  22. believer-in-love says:

    If i will use a liquid starch, than what kind of it? Could you say at least
    a name like SILAN, VANISH or what??? Help :)

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