Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : A Poker Magic Card Trick

January 31, 2015 by Admin  
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Lear a Poker trick in this free card magic video. Expert: Malik Haddadi Contact: Bio: Malik Haddadi is a magical comedy entertainer,…
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9 Responses to “Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : A Poker Magic Card Trick”
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  2. hxp28607 says:

    you can’t be serious…

  3. isaacwong97 says:

    boring i dunt understand what are utalking about!!!-.-

  4. vinsaf23 says:

    where did u get those cards at?

  5. moxxdude says:

    wAHHHHHH….so interesting….u de best yoyoyoyo nhjbvghbv medemedai

  6. arookas says:

    Malik is my favorite Expert Village magician. He is funny and Mr. Hand
    rocks! Another great trick!

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  8. Panoz12 says:

    1. copy and paste 2. send this to 2 other videos. 3. hold your breath for
    10 seconds 4. press refresh twice 3. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS

  9. Duy Le says:


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