Free Card Trick Revealed: Cool Magic Routine Without Talking!

April 12, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn 3 Free Tricks Here! What’s Up!? So in today’s video I thought I would perform a cool magic routine without talking! It was lots of fun and lots of cool…
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25 Responses to “Free Card Trick Revealed: Cool Magic Routine Without Talking!”
  1. Sleepingz says:

    Don’t Die :D 

  2. Imad Mashhood says:

    first!!!!!!!…. yes i want a cookie so dont bother asking

  3. Michael Nielsen says:

    Please come to Denmark. You is very very cool.

  4. Kyle Tran says:

    Welcome to Vietnam !!! Jay Jay 

  5. AllAboutMagic says:

    Amazing video, but i suggest everybody to go out and get PRO MAGIC LIVE,
    best thing i have brought! Keep it up jay jay

  6. Why Can't I Think Of A Name? says:

    how do you pull the cards out of your mouth

  7. xLooneyGameRx says:

    I wanted an explanation for the hat trick too :P 

  8. Anandhu Sagar says:

    HAI JAY JAY I AM FROM KERALA (india) Welcome to kerala
    w r wting 4 u

  9. Austin Drew says:

    What was the last one when you pulled them out of your mouth

  10. Javier Guerrero says:

    lol, you always drop cards!

  11. Robert Nguyen says:

    looking big jay jay. looks like youre the gym hard now

  12. Daniel Antonio Edwin Das says:


  13. Fulmen says:

    How do you do that thing where you pull the cards out of your mouth ? great
    vid btw

  14. BaronPAWNCH says:

    PUNDER 301!!!! (Done on purpose…)

  15. RocketWayTV says:

    How did you make the cards come out of your mouth? 

  16. GMacDesignHD says:

    Your color change, damn.. it’s so fast!

  17. irvinelover says:

    Yo bro… Just a little advice… You need to make sure that your camera
    man gets the cards in the picture at all times. Watch the video again and
    you will notice that your explaining what to do and the cards are not even
    in the video picture so we can’t see what the Hell your doing. That happens
    a lot in your videos during the presentation reveal phase of your tricks. I
    want to see the cards and what your doing with them not you. Ha Ha…

  18. jerrypresley1234 says:

    The magicians suck here in America Jay Jay so come on over and blow our

  19. mohammed akil says:

    nothing new :( ……we want something with object ( not cards not coins )

  20. FreeMagicLiveVideos says:

    Learn These Cool Card Tricks From Jay Jay Without Him Talking! 

  21. Nguyễn minh quân says:

    would you like to come to HA Noi ?:(( why ho chi minh city??? i’d
    like to see you pleaseeee <3

  22. Hannah Nguyen says:

    I saw the shoe, i admire ur tricks but, was that like a joke or a mistake?

  23. quoc tu nguyen says:

    hope to see you, welcome ho chi minh city

  24. JAI BENSON says:

    Erdanese change
    Seriously Jay Jay call it the real thing!

  25. Adrian M says:

    i do tricks on my channel if you want to check them out please

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