Food Magic Tricks You Need To Try

March 5, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Food Magic Tricks You Need To Try”
  1. Purple'n' Shiny says:

    the nails in the orange trick were disgusting :/

  2. stepahanie gonzalez says:

    I tried the coke one once and when I opened it
    It exploded in my face
    There was a chunk of ice in it and it hit my eye
    I had a bruised eye for a week 

  3. Alien Grey says:

    Thousands of years have passed and humans are still playing with food.
    What a waste of a species.

  4. Victoria Flamel says:

    I also have this magic food trick where I can make an entire cake

  5. Paul Baik says:

    The orange one was just plain stupid cmon buzzfeed children in africa
    couldve eaten that orange

  6. Rocky1OO says:

    How is it a slushy in seconds if you need to freeze it for 3 hours?

  7. Paawan Sagar says:

    What the fuck was the orange trick its simple schice unpeeled floats cuz
    the water cant go in it this is like 1st grade crap

  8. 25Newengland says:

    Shut up about the food for the needy shit ok, even if americans eat every
    bit of food without being wasteful, there are still gonna be people
    starving in africa and fat people in america so enough already

  9. Mr. Coconut says:

    Waste of fucking food, it could have eaten the hungry kids in africa!

  10. pewpewpew says:

    The banana one is so ridiculously stupid. How do you considered that a
    trick? Everyone who has ever held a banana knows that it oxidates.

  11. Anthony The Rapist Ly says:

    …Did you seriously reuse footage from an old video in this video?

  12. The King Of The Potato People says:

    Slushy in seconds = Slushy in 3.5 hours. That’s some serious logic

  13. Seeratjot Sangha says:

    Like this comment if you are watching in 2069

  14. TheYafaShow says:

    Crazy to think that only a month ago your Big Mac was a horse

  15. Emily Black says:

    I remember we did the milk thing in science class once. When we were
    cleaning up, ths really skinny kid who will eat pretty much everything
    asked if anyone dared him to drink the soapy green milk. No one did, and he
    did it anyway.

  16. THE BATMAN says:



  17. Sharon Quek says:

    Has anyone tried these tricks? :D 

  18. TGN2014 says:

    I like this girl
    She is a little shy
    We are friends
    She looked at me a few times
    We talked a few times
    She once gave me the ‘sup’ look
    What do I do?

  19. Nancy Nguyen says:

    Really… the comments saying “That could’ve helped the hungry in Africa.”
    Seriously wasting food is the same as it going bad by not eating it. At
    least it had a use in the video. Tbh there are other countries with hunger
    and I don’t see you, yourself donating food when your commenting “That
    could’ve helped the hungry in Africa.” Yeah it’s sad that people in Africa
    are starving but I don’t see you donating and now your complaining about
    it. Everyone wastes food anyways.

  20. NEHHH12 says:

    Her nails are just pissing me off. ✋ 

  21. bustin nuts says:

    This shit aint magic, its stuff you do for your 2year old son or daughter

  22. Amy Ro says:

    The first one is genius for little kids when I’m babysitting

  23. Richard Major says:

    I’d have done my nails

  24. KingAcorn85 says:


  25. Mutita EdibleArt says:

    So Amazing ♡♡♡
    Thank you very much :) 

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