Exploring Gods Word Lesson 1 of 15 – FULL BIBLE STUDY

January 11, 2015 by Admin  
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4 Responses to “Exploring Gods Word Lesson 1 of 15 – FULL BIBLE STUDY”
  1. everett clemons says:

    when your dying, you will believe

  2. stephen huntsinger says:

    i dont believe in god lol

  3. Jane Eccles Payne says:

    this 15 part study is a must do. sooo worth the commitment. only gets
    better over time. i took a similar study when i first came to God and
    didn’t quite get through it all. i am so glad to refresh myself anew and
    really enjoy the perspective of the teacher. ty so much for giving us an
    opportunity to receive free of this as i know the manuals and charts can be

  4. christopher taylor says:

    Exploring Gods Word Lesson 1 of 15 – FULL BIBLE…:

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