Easy Magic Tricks That YOU Can Do!

February 7, 2015 by Admin  
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Find out more at: http://easymagictricks.co.uk Welcome to ‘The Flying Card!’, a fantastic new DVD, where Stephen Williams (star of the BAFTA Award Winning ‘T…


25 Responses to “Easy Magic Tricks That YOU Can Do!”
  1. Brandon Dunn says:

    I can do this with my penis

  2. no says:

    GOD. can someone just SHOW THE FUCKING SECRET, without trying to get money
    from people??

  3. Call of duty Fails says:

    It is a string taped to his ear so he can “levitate” or “fly” it it is no
    magic or static electricity it is more less a scam than magic… Please no
    hate comments 

  4. gabriel Alexander says:

    ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x-(

  5. Roxy Villalobos says:

    No he’s useing an unviable string that he got from the black box magic kit
    I caught his secret but he cannot fool me there is a piece of stickey wax
    so it can hold the invisible string he’s just putting a lie on this just to
    show off and lie about it

  6. Tayen Brooks says:

    I used to have something like this it was a piece of wire with blue wax
    that’s hidden behind you’re ear and goes in between your fingers

    So your magic is pretty crap if everybody reads this because there going to
    know and see that u lied with ur little lie in the vid

    Ps you got no sub and a dislike

  7. Dylon Lewis says:

    I though that this was cool until i tried for hours and still nothing

  8. Min-Seo Lee says:

    dosent ANYONE know that this is a toy? Anyway, +Stephen Williams,very
    fluently done.

  9. Rafael Perez says:

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  10. galih ragaswara says:

    oh shit u are suck why not SHOW THE FUCKING SECRET

  11. Jacob Bocaj says:

    Well the only explanation for this is satan, unless someone else got a
    better explanation like him using his penis to swing it around?

  12. Jake's World says:

    how do you do that it`s so hard because i tried but didn`t have any luck!!!

  13. Rocketman 5698 says:

    this is an joke i know First you need a invisible card and a other guy ues
    the invisible box and he did it thats what he do maybe

  14. jaab Minecraftian says:

    Theres a little blutac stuck to his ear with invisible cable in it to the
    card i know i have it

  15. Piter Parker says:

    you fucking criminal 

  16. Karlo says:

    hahhaha this is so easy to do, just hold the card in your hand and rotate
    it hard! and it will rotate in the air

  17. Knine says:

    that is only just a trick i prefer the divine powers 

  18. Somnath Dhole says:

    i tried but it not worked u did cheating lol,,,,,, baba ji ka tulu

  19. Derbla Melichar says:

    Oh ya IN DETAIL but im still hearing the fucking music 

  20. Fiti O says:

    lmao i just found how to make this trick easy one rofl !

  21. Melonie Low says:

    You tie string to your ear….done

  22. Toni Kljenak says:

    How do you do dath

  23. Yizzi Martinez says:

    I tried it and it didn’t work

  24. Moritz-Michael Molisch says:

    auch wenn man weiß wie es geht, da steckt eine menge Übung hinter… Super
    Nummer, aber nix für windige Tage

  25. Clap Forboobies says:

    I must have done something wrong with the cards cuz now I have AIDS

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