Easy Magic Tricks for Everyone

January 4, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn 12 Cool tricks that you can easily do with everyday objects. For more magic tricks check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOLPIWGbJRk https://www.y…


25 Responses to “Easy Magic Tricks for Everyone”
  1. Wolfgang Riebe Inspiring The World says:

    NEW Easy Magic Tricks Video just uploaded!
    Part 1: Learn 6 Magic Tricks Part 1
    Part 2: Learn 6 Magic Tricks Part 2

  2. Chrissy S says:

    i already knew the first trick when he did it

  3. clarie91s says:

    Never thought a diaper could be used in a magic trick!

    For the bread roll one, I could see the fork was missing

  4. Sunny Norilyn Erich Joo Trinidad says:

    Yay! I learned a lot! Thanks! :) .

  5. Myah Thomas says:

    Just so you know the first trick was cheesy I could see that your thumb was
    in the Orange and when u pulled your thumb out of the Orange your thumb was

  6. Anuj Thakur says:

    i did that very 1st trick to my sis she said she can see the juice coming
    out ..damn 

  7. TheAwesomeCast says:

    directions too confusing, got my dick caught in a ceiling fan.

  8. Tina Rider says:

    great..thank ou for sharring…:)))

  9. Vasty A. says:

    wow , the tricks are amazing! haha i will try these tricks on my friends
    without telling them how i did it lol xD

  10. Jake Clay says:

    Cool tricks but the copyright free music is god aweful. 

  11. Faisal Alam says:

    I did the last one without that. Just apply pressure, and inch the thumb
    slowly. It works, and if done well enough, is a perfect trick. 

  12. Justice Snow says:

    you can tell the on the bread roll trick because the fork was

  13. Criselda Andrade says:

    In levitating bread roll i see the trick because when i see it has a fork
    and it dissapear

  14. amery corpus says:

    I know that all exept gor the 2 safety pins

  15. Katie Bang says:

    I could see his thumb in the orange… and it was wet when he removed it. I
    stopped watching there.

  16. bratha nice says:

    that one for the salt shaker u should try it with a gas cylinder and a

  17. Robert Reed says:

    um does anybody notice the saltshaker did not make any sound at all when he

  18. sam fanc says:

    its obviously in his thumb

  19. AmmA1308 says:

    Music at 6:00

  20. Todd Crouch says:

    I tried the disappearing penny with a paperclip and it disappeared and I
    cant find it !

  21. Hilmir frodellurnar says:

    sooooo much greenskreen, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  22. ernesto estanislao says:

    HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!Can you reveal

  23. Gabe Varoz says:

    Thumb in an orange, really?

  24. sukaa sukii says:


  25. Criselda Andrade says:

    And you put down your hands what a nice magic :) 

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