Easy Card Tricks: Street Gag/Scam Tutorial

April 25, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks

I hope you enjoy this little scam you can perform on some friends!


9 Responses to “Easy Card Tricks: Street Gag/Scam Tutorial”
  1. Henley C. says:

    Fooled many people. Thank you!

  2. Emmanuel Magier says:

    Eh man nice trick it was also somehow funny really cool 

  3. Toni Gogolev says:

    little bit easy and basicL:( i knwe this trick…

  4. Owenthemagician says:


  5. UnknownMagician1000 says:

    nice trick!!!!

  6. ♣Mr. Arrogant♣ says:

    Just like trick from scam school

  7. TheDeadlyCupcake says:

    Haha they wont be your friend after that

  8. ThePianoMan1999 says:

    From myquicktricks?

  9. KR1STIMITE says:

    This is a really strong and enjoyable effect. Probably one of the first I
    learnt :)

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