Easy Card Tricks: Single Card Monte

March 23, 2015 by Admin  
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Simple card tricks to impress your family and friends with!


20 Responses to “Easy Card Tricks: Single Card Monte”
  1. blazeflix says:

    When i clicked on this video it started at :54 seconds into the vid WTF

  2. Brandon Kaiser says:

    but isnt my friend going to blatantly notice that i switched our cards no
    matter how fast i am

  3. Ruffneck101 says:

    David Blaine does a 3 card variation of this trick. This trick has been
    widely known well before David Blaine began performing it on the street.

  4. Vinny Liu says:

    the audience and feel it though

  5. William Gregory says:

    I like this one.

  6. kdogrider says:

    Head itch much? Haha. Great vid.

  7. HaterCop says:

    nice trick

  8. Jaxon Thomas says:

    Really cool and helpfull!!!

  9. Peter Carey says:

    Forever alone :)

  10. pcameron6 says:

    Chris Angel??????

  11. Phuong Duy Huynh says:

    great ! amazing speed!

  12. Roderick Eww says:

    It’s forever a stone

  13. siderno123 says:

    U got lice bro

  14. mistersir1919 says:

    1:21 flipping us off

  15. Funny Videos says:

    This is hard

  16. joefrankbart says:

    Love this trick

  17. hunterzorlock123 says:

    this is actualy a trick from david blaine and its actuall name is 2 card

  18. Ruffneck101 says:

    Not at all. I’ve successfully done this without the other person noticing
    anything happened. The two things you can do to make this trick work is use
    speed and distraction. Explain that you’re going to switch the cards using
    magic, then when you go to make the switch, hit their hand while you switch
    the card. The impact will distract the other person since it will be felt
    more as opposed to feeling the cards switch between the fingers.

  19. Jrulz96 says:

    it looks like you flick us off at 1:22 haha

  20. Cydia13 says:

    I can’t do it, I haven’t got friends.

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