Easiest Card Trick Ever

January 3, 2015 by Admin  
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This is a revised card trick I did 3 years ago. It’s a great beginner card trick because It requires NO SETUP, NO SLEIGHT OF HAND and it will fool almost EVERYBODY. Please leave a COMMENT…


25 Responses to “Easiest Card Trick Ever”
  1. Mismag822 - The Card Trick Teacher says:

    Great beginner card trick that will fool everybody!
    Easiest Card Trick Ever

  2. Trey says:

    this is not easy because i cant even shuffle like that

  3. joshuapr999 says:

    It was funny, when I first tried this a while ago, I tried to perform it
    with you. I went down 4 cards on the first pile and it was a black 5, the
    other 4th card was the black 5. I was thinking “no way..” ……

  4. Laurin Sharifi says:

    does this work with red cards?

  5. Shawn Eichmeier says:

    Mismag822 I watch your videos a lot. I hope I get a deck of cards. You are
    a great magic teacher.

  6. Oscar. Magana says:

    Man all your tricks that im seeing do really work i tricked everybody in
    house your tricks are not false they are thats why i liked and subscribed
    you because you are a good magesion

  7. Keyvan Farmanfarmaian says:

    Hello again everybody. Announcing the winners of my giveaway, plus there
    will be another giveaway

  8. Valeriia Chumak says:

    What’s your next video- where you’re saying who won the giveaway decks? Pls
    answer! ( I want the cards:))

  9. Chanzii ICandii says:

    I don’t like it I love it

  10. Sunny Lalwani says:

    Great you are! Very nicely explained. Thanks and waiting for new uploads.

  11. DesireDIY says:

    Just a question. How do the people get the decks? Like I know that u leave
    a comment and u might win. But how does he get it to them? I am not hating
    or whatever I have always wondered how you tubers got prizes out to people?

  12. uma alfonseca says:

    i want a package of cards whatever i don’t mind i just want one please.

  13. Ascher M says:

    Cool trick, I tried it and it worked great for me. By the way I subbed you.

  14. Tim Vitulic says:

    wtf i dont uderstand nothing

  15. Evan Wright says:

    great card trick. I will be using it for sure

  16. Thomas Boyt says:

    This really worked for me and confused my family loads, thanks a lot.

  17. Taran Kota says:

    Hey Mismag 822! Love your channel dude. I want to enter for one of the
    decks. I would like a black one, but i don’t really care to be honest. 

  18. Bad_Intensions says:

    Your so amazing! I love your tricks. Im just starting magic and you’ve
    definitley helped me get started

  19. Max Volle says:

    Nice Trick! All of your tricks have fooled my family and friends! Can I win
    one of the deck of cards because my bro ripped them all by practicing
    throwing them!! 

  20. Klyne Jay Dionela says:

    This magic trick really impress me. And also the magician is really good
    ~want to watch more vid

  21. Messi Messi says:

    You have great videos

  22. Aman Sheikh says:

    Love ur tricks and I want your signatured bicycle decks please

  23. Techstar MC says:

    Great video, I bet my friends wouldn’t figure this out…

  24. MonsterPser says:

    yo can you give me cards?

  25. L3GENDARY_PIX3LS says:

    So cool omg your the best thanks for the magic videos.

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