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Today on Scam School, it’s a two for one special! Two beautiful girls and two awesome scams all in one episode! Challenge your friends with this little scam….
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25 Responses to “EASIEST Bar Trick And An IMPOSSIBLE PREDICTION!”
  1. BrokenBrilliance says:

    How do you find such braindead women?

  2. Jeffrey Donadio says:

    The card trick was set up before he cut the deck in half. Notice that he
    used the ace to mark where he needed to cut it… he could have used any
    card, as long as he divided the deck at exactly that particular card!

    Once each person had their cards, shuffling them didn’t matter, because the
    order of the cards didn’t matter… keeping his separated from hers was all
    that mattered, and by turning cards over as they exchanged them, his were
    always facing up in her stack, and were always facing down in his. When she
    turned hers over to pass them to him, any of his cards that were facing up
    in her stack would be facing down again in his if she passed them back to
    him, while any of her original cards would end up facing up in his stack.

    It didn’t matter how many cards were exchanged as long as they kept
    flipping them over as they passed them back and forth. The cards that
    eventually were face up at the end of the trick were in only one half of
    the deck when he divided it originally at the ace. They were set up to make
    all the predictions come true at the end of his trick.

    I never saw this trick before, and I only watched the video once, but I’m
    fairly certain that this is how it was done!

  3. Casper Reyns says:

    I know a magician should never reveal all of his tricks, but I’ve been
    watching this video countless times and I still can’t figure it out so I
    guess I will just have to ask you straight.

    How do you get your hair to be so spiky?

    Awesome video by the way, thank you for teaching me how to become the life
    of the party and helping me with my social anxiety through interesting bar

  4. Shady Gaming says:

    the moment you realise, this dude is so awsome even his ads are awsome, bro
    you’re awsome and we love you, just keep on the good job i watch it all

  5. Dean P. says:

    The last trick though. THAT’S NOT 23 CARDS!

  6. mrbazzzzzzzzzinga says:

    Bella has killer rack

  7. Sbeagin1 says:

    cant you just pick up the glass dump everything on the table and put the
    glass upside down on top of the coin???

  8. TheAcenightcreeper says:

    Oh man, I’m soooo sorry, I forgot to preface my comment with, “Three years
    ago you looked like a neck bearded, mouth breathing, heir to the Massengill

    Anyway, thanks for the great vids, I do subscribe even though the moment I
    see your face, I projectile vomit.

    P.S. Picked up your escape ring, came in handy when your mom handcuffed me
    to her bed after dosing my beer with rohypnol, a real life saver!

    …..aaaaaaaa triple burn

  9. ContainsAthroughZ says:

    Pull out game be like

  10. David Trambusti says:

    Fuck yeah! Finally I figured the card trick out! It’s really simple!
    (mathemathical) It’s only requires a little bit of attention in 2 moments:
    at the beginning and at the end :) 

  11. A Ali says:

    Dude Christina is smoking!!!! 

  12. Georg Fitch says:

    trust me dont meet an engenier…..

  13. JayClassic says:

    This guy is such a tool

  14. TheAcenightcreeper says:

    Take this tip, your hair looks much better without the tub of shellac in
    it. You look like a complete mouth breathing, neck bearded, heir to the
    Massengill fortune. 

  15. jonathan lawson says:

    There were 24 face up cards, not 23.

  16. Christopher Day says:

    aw man i wish i knew how to do the Prediction one

  17. Tammyaway says:

    biggest trick in here is Bella’s rack, holy god.

  18. NetherSlice says:

    I’m a little allergic to stainless steal so watches leave a red splotch
    that tingles my skin.

  19. Tenderfoot Prepper says:

    I assumed he just switched decks with a pre-set one in his lap or
    something, when he was doing all that arm-waving near the end. Of course,
    it’s hard to know for sure when there are so many camera cuts.

  20. Morphine_X says:

    Bella’s sexy as fuck aswell. All these sexy woman on here make watch even

  21. tkarlmann says:

    You did not show how to do the trick! what’s the point of these vids?

  22. Erdem Canlı says:

    I realy like to learn ur prediction scam +Scam School 

  23. lily learnihan says:

    How do u find out these tricks?

  24. Racuun says:

    the spikes hair is ugly

  25. takitakair says:

    hot chick in black

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