Double Undercut – Learn Card Magic Tricks

April 19, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks This video will teach you how to do the Double Undercut. A beginner level card sleight. To learn more card sleights that enable you to create your own tricks,…
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25 Responses to “Double Undercut – Learn Card Magic Tricks”
  1. Unimportant Account says:

    Well thanks, that was very in-depth and slow enough to understand.
    In case you didn’t realise, that was sarcasm..

  2. xzenyphus says:

    Although really sloppy, I got it down. Thank you for the video.

  3. MrElmore says:

    Very Very good video. Keep these coming everyone appreciates it and it will
    make you a better magician. Great Job!

  4. PROFPOTTO says:

    others like it, are here for teaching purposes. This is hardly the masked
    magician exposing tricks for the masses. Those who complain most about
    exposure miss the fact that a good performer can fool most people even if
    they know the secret.

  5. 13gelou says:

    break on the first cut that goes under

  6. icekream23 says:

    dont listen to the rude comments those people just need a live. it helped me

  7. ElRuBeNaToR says:

    u shuld try to hide it better

  8. michaelthemindfreak says:

    this also keeps te entire deck in the same order and its used in most card
    tricks like hitman and ambition card etc

  9. WhazzupDawg says:

    dis is not a trick lol, its just a false cut.

  10. Hackiesacker007 says:

    some words/speech would be nice.

  11. Moonflow4343 says:

    i saw how you did it before explanation but still a very good tutorial and
    a important move to learn XD

  12. rock4tiludie says:

    thanks mate this really helped, none of the other videos made sense

  13. elmaninja says:

    wanna see a good magic trick explanation’???’ just search for: melga123

  14. wwe9119 says:

    It’s not a trick. It’s a false cut.

  15. ZaheenX says:

    @rbnaguila You should get laid…

  16. lebohem says:

    are stupids? he is explainig the double undercut no a trick u dont have to
    figured out nothing he is explaing a card move

  17. sk8ingnoh8ing says:

    i dnt get it u need to like tlk or leeve som kinda text or ppl cuz it mde
    no sense to me

  18. MysteryMan307 says:

    easy but good

  19. bulletkip says:

    i could see how you did it the first time. cool trick, though

  20. CodFella101 says:


  21. skw3rl says:

    snazzy music and clear presentation. thanks! :)

  22. Ben Schaufele says:

    than how to other magicians learn tricks

  23. FaisalLover says:

    hey man i can figure out what r u doing.

  24. jackattack1988 says:

    no its a triple cut. but is a triple cut because he cuts cards off the top

  25. cageavvi says:

    go fuck your own ass….. worthless piece of shit…

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