Double Color Changing Card Trick Revealed – Self working easy to make magic

December 28, 2014 by Admin  
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LEARN EASY CARD TRICKS 26 Chameleon Double Color Changing Card Trick (CLICK SHOW MORE) SUBSCRIBE to get a new magic trick each …


25 Responses to “Double Color Changing Card Trick Revealed – Self working easy to make magic”
  1. Shahinsha sharaf says:

    I thought this channel is just for kids but it is not only for kids it for
    older people also this is the best magic trick revel channel I ever

  2. grass type trainer says:

    This is great but i saw one magician that i look up to did the whole deck i
    wanna learn that but this is a good start 

  3. Justin Lefevre says:

    You r awesome ho do u learn this stuff
    I am in fifth grade and love magic

  4. BLOB MAN says:

    I’m a young Magician and got recommended by Julian to watch your videos
    your amazing

  5. Joe Walshe says:

    I’m preparing for my first kids magic show in a month and your videos are a
    great help. Thanks

  6. 132mt says:

    check out my performance: Card Color Changes

  7. yiğithan aydın says:

    Thanks ı do magic for kids

  8. Bobby Bob says:

    Best misty cosplay ever

  9. MiracleThacker 1432 says:

    omg this is so awesome….I love this trick…if I can find a pack of cards
    …I will try this !!! :) 

  10. jenelle mccallum says:

    that was a bit weird!!!

  11. Jay Lakhani says:

    Love your unique presenting style, jay

  12. Brian FitzGerald says:

    Very nice video Ken – amazing trick! I just listened to your interview with
    Pat Flynn. Congrats on your successes and I wish you many more in the
    future! All the best, Brian

  13. zeina elzomor says:

    Your awesome!!!

  14. Daffa Wolok says:


  15. Zoey Trat says:

    This would be perfect to do, and i just recently found your magic channel
    yesterday from Julians Magician School and I cant wait to see more! This is
    why magic is one of my favorite hobbies (along with origami) Thank you!
    Also, I have braces and this trick will finally put a use to my wax. Lol.

  16. sahir jaffry says:

    I am your fan my name is Sahir I subscribed you I didn’t miss any of your
    videos but where can I get invisible filament 

  17. Monika Tyrell says:


  18. chris evans says:

    But where were the chameleons?
    Cool trick – neat and clean too. I detected some SA accent in your voice
    Danke Ken. 

  19. jacob Clifford says:

    So Cool

  20. katie cox says:


  21. 1Athena1 says:


  22. Tracy Duong says:

    Awesome video I subscribed !

  23. Miguel Velez says:

    Awesome!! So cool!!!!

  24. Krystal Delvalle says:

    You are very kind this video is amazing and you reply to almost every
    comment you take your time to make these videos and if people say this is
    stupid just say I took my time to make this and if you don’t like it you
    don’t have to watch it you are so encountering just because of you and
    julans magician school I’m doing magic at my little cousins birthday party
    thank you so much

  25. ty mine says:


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