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April 19, 2015 by Admin  
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Hey everyone this is a simple and easy trick you can do with anyones name…..Hope you like it!!!
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25 Responses to “Do You Know Your Name – Impromptu Card Tricks REVEALED :: Awesome Card Tricks :: Free Magic Tricks”
  1. meteopenguin123 says:

    i tried it with my gf’s name its sophia and it didnt work

  2. Johnathan Ceja says:

    Lol can’t believe that u explained counting

  3. David Noble says:

    Great trick!

  4. manny b says:

    that was very confusing…!

  5. C.J H.S says:

    Ok man that is the best trick ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaotix Renegade says:

    what are the positions?

  7. SvartMagic says:

    How you make these tricks? You make really many original card tricks.

  8. Bbfishman says:

    hahah that was good

  9. CrypticSorcerer says:

    MrApotator, to get the card to the second position is simple. 1: ask them
    to pick a card, when they stop, turn over there selection. 2: as you do
    this sneaky place a card onto of there card and when you square up catch s
    only break onto of the card you sneaky put there. 3: do a table cut (take
    some from the top and put-on the table, then take all cards above the
    break, then the rest onto. And there you go. Read threw a couple of times
    to get it. :)

  10. Andrea Smith says:

    Hey, schawzenegger. A comment said this doesn’t work for 9 letter words. I
    found a solution for this. Simply, when you repeat spelling the person’s
    name, don’t start at the beginning of the pile. Instead, start at the card
    directly after the card taken out. Another way to put it is, when you take
    a card from a certain position, say, second, you start at the NEW second

  11. Tupe Sevilla says:

    0:00 whats going on? were watching u, what a crazy question, just kidding,
    anyway, ur the best tutorial i ever watched! u beat mismag! i love u man!
    ur d man!

  12. David Mainwaring says:

    ..Help me with that 2nd card thing…Thankx…

  13. Connor Magnum says:

    It only let me do a five letter name and I had to swap it and 6 letters
    didn’t work at all

  14. Samuel Taylor says:

    i tried the trick but her name was
    and i tried again and her name was d

  15. CrypticSorcerer says:

    Pinky break* not only break

  16. CmPunkCena100 says:

    my name is dick

  17. Nicholas Massa says:

    this guy plays yugioh

  18. Michael Saya says:

    Does not work every time. As stated, 9 letter names wont work. Havent tried
    all, but i have a feeling others don’t work either.

  19. RachelNewBoys says:

    no top comment

  20. Leona G says:

    this is hard .

  21. AhahahaFail says:

    depends on how many people watch his show/ how many sponsors you have

  22. sharbin94 says:

    doesnt work with 9 letters!1

  23. MrSATANICMETAL666 says:

    I didnt get that position part… :(

  24. ClubsOfJack says:

    @MrApotator You could also put a card on top of it and hold break while
    squaring deck up. Decksandcontests does a nice tutorial on a herman pass
    btw. I find it easy that way :-)

  25. Andrea Smith says:

    Another solution for the 9 letter thing is: when you hit the end of the
    pile of cards b4 you hit the 9th letter, instead of going back to the
    beginning, you start reverse counting until you get to the 9th letter. For
    instance. If you have 7 letters left, and you hit the top of the pack, you
    reverse your counting 2 more times

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