Disturb Reality – Ambitious Card Routine (Family Performance)

March 13, 2015 by Admin  
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My awesome Aunt Cindy was in town from out of state, so we threw a party at our house so I did a half hour or so worth of magic trick and closed my routine w…


25 Responses to “Disturb Reality – Ambitious Card Routine (Family Performance)”
  1. mickaiten says:

    Hahaha awesome. Lol even one of the family member jokingly says (at ~5:00):
    What’s his name ? David Blaine ? XDD

  2. eric shoff says:

    perfect example of how what you think you perceive controls your reality,
    and is usually incorrect

  3. altime5's Ro says:

    Is she Lesbian ? She said ” It could be a famous card someday HONEY “. So

  4. Payden Barnes says:

    more is what i have to say

  5. Paulo Cruz says:

    Anyone noticed how the f*ck he bent the 6 of spades and then pulled it out
    of his pocket??? Did he bend it IN his pocket or what? Sick finisher

  6. HD CrySis says:

    i think mat franco taught him

  7. Manga Boss says:


  8. Sir Slapa Ho says:

    its funny after watching SOME of his tutorials…not this one but a few
    others, i know how he did most of this xD

  9. FARTandDARTmarksMAN says:

    wow..absolutely beautiful performance.

  10. stephen geraci says:

    Great performance, did you screw any of those ladies?

  11. Jason Blake says:

    That’s really not a good DL for this routine it takes too long and seems

  12. james collins says:

    You lag to do your double lifts and to do one dam trick

  13. James Arcaute says:

    guys please help. I try to upload videos with my camera card on my mac mini
    but it won’t upload. It says 0 % all the time. Please help me

  14. Robert Nguyen says:


  15. A.J. Almajose says:

    I love reactions like this

  16. Staris OMG says:

    hhhh no words to say its absolutely intertaining

  17. nikamir123 says:

    2:45 WTF?

  18. 9swarp7 says:

    There was no force on the 6 of spades ppl

  19. bejar jumha says:

    0.32 dat face thoo

  20. Maxime Leong says:

    What’s the name of the song at the end of the video?

  21. Samb0123 says:

    Would love to Learn this, Love how you do the performance and how you
    involve the person who signed the card and saying how it “only listens to
    them”. very personal and a special touch to the performance.

  22. Arthur Dutra says:


  23. chris walters says:

    Plz show us how to do this 

  24. max verdoes says:

    what is the force he did on aroudn 4:00 ? i really need to learn that one^^

  25. Krisnapati bayu says:

    this one, realy cool… :D

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