Disappearing Card Trick Tutorial

February 3, 2015 by Admin  
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Okay for all u haters out there, I am not a magician and I did this vid in about 5 mins with no editing whatsoever. This is just a 5 min simple to learn tric…
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25 Responses to “Disappearing Card Trick Tutorial”
  1. Agentleader1 says:

    Asians FTW.
    Asians be making this look so easy.

  2. andrew johnson says:

    i cant fit the card in between my hands for some reason

  3. Andrew Nguyen says:

    I have 3 projects due this week….and I’m watching this….

  4. Jeremy Francis says:

    U look delicious

  5. PJGAMING99 PJ says:

    bro this is freakin asweome it worked

  6. BasketballBobcat says:

    This is actually cooler than i thought it would be. :) Great job! Time to
    fool my younger sister

  7. CartOOn Mistakes says:

    This sucks

  8. Jhaztin Descalso says:

    Great trick

  9. ITSmeDC says:

    My hands are to bib

  10. memo diaz says:

    You so hopeful and u seem really nice :p 

  11. electricpinapplejuic says:

    my hands are too big to hold the card. or my cards are too small

  12. Dillon Pearson says:

    My hands are too big

  13. Arbury Champion says:

    I cant do it

  14. th3diamond 4 says:

    mine are to small 

  15. vincentbryancalo says:

    thank you …. iam your #1 fan…heheheh..

  16. Bob Bobby says:

    Thanks hope you make more awesome tricks

  17. deshante burnette says:

    Thanks,tryin to impress a girl

  18. chris_ fresher_ than you p says:

    Great teacher my hands are to big

  19. Yan Yan says:

    Thanks man I finally did it,it took me 20mins but it was worth it thanks

  20. Cindy Zheng says:

    i did

  21. Chauntee Dagostino says:

    that is boss!

  22. napukapu says:

    can see editing software on your pc

  23. pellegrino stellato says:

    cool it worked

  24. FAT COP says:

    hahaha really funny trick :D when I did this in front of a mirror it looked
    like it disapeard

  25. LusscaLP says:


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