David Copperfield – Sus mejores efectos (Best Tricks)

December 24, 2014 by Admin  
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Recopilación con algunos de los efectos más espectaculares en la carrera de David Copperfield.
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12 Responses to “David Copperfield – Sus mejores efectos (Best Tricks)”
  1. Bill Page says:

    Nice classics 

  2. VJose32 World of Cards says:

    What were the ones between 3:20 and 4:10, havent seen those on youtube
    before and they look great

  3. Emi mail says:

    thank you! ;)

  4. 69J101 says:

    Head Mover.

  5. 69J101 says:

    Clubbed to death (matrix soundtrack).

  6. james dave says:

    dime como se llama el truco o dame el link de todo el video completo del
    truco en el minuto 4:02

  7. 69J101 says:

    Bermuda Triangle, Escape From Death and Head Mover. You can find them on

  8. Emi mail says:

    what is this music?

  9. franco ezequiel says:


  10. VJose32 World of Cards says:

    Ok thank you!

  11. Bill Page says:

    Nice ideas and cool song too friend :) 

  12. AnkhorXtreme says:

    Uno de los mejores del mundo. Lastima que solo sea una ilusion.

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