David Blaine Street Magic: Genesis coin vanish trick

April 29, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn this amazing magic trick here: http://pubtricks.com/video-pub-genesis-trick.html Yet another stunning coin vanish from this magician. This one is going to be very popular so act quickly…


9 Responses to “David Blaine Street Magic: Genesis coin vanish trick”
  1. Anni1595159515951 says:

    thts very simple… i have done this trick so many times… All he does is
    just sticking thta coin behind his thumb… The glue was already there..
    Nothing else.. But I do something more… I reappear the coin.

  2. huunnrr hynnb says:

    This is impossible, I dont like it at all… I MUST HAVE IT

  3. WarriorPancake says:

    Your vids are cool :)

  4. MigetMindfreak says:

    How please tell me plz pplz

  5. jumpingkyle says:

    do you put it in your bandaid

  6. hockeylovers415 says:

    went right into thr bandaid. wost trick ever

  7. Anni1595159515951 says:

    @faquiado If you dont wanna know the secret, simply dont read my
    comment……. Let others know……

  8. learnfreemagic4u says:

    I had a bandaid because of an injury, this trick doesn’t need any bandaid.
    The tutorial link is in the description.

  9. Himanshu Gupta says:

    bhosdi ka ya su bhadiya to mai hi karlu

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