Darcy Oake’s Talent – Spectacular Magic/Illusion trick on Tom Cruise

April 10, 2015 by Admin  
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Darcy Oake performing mind blowing and extremely amusing magic trick. This was one of his few performances in Times Scare, New York back in September 2012. After performing series of illusions…
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24 Responses to “Darcy Oake’s Talent – Spectacular Magic/Illusion trick on Tom Cruise”
  1. mylittleflyaway says:

    2:56 “But you know who he is?” Psst, you’re not supposed to give away that
    you already know HIS name :P 

  2. misstantrix says:

    She was such a dud! What a boring bum bitch! But now I’m officially a fan
    of Darcy Oake! He’s cute and has a great personality! 

  3. vennessa scott says:

    AM I the only one that said WILL I AM . x_x

    yeah ok AWKWARD.

  4. Diego Garcia says:

    Please let me enjoy my happiness and stop telling me how this was done.

  5. Magno Gelin says:

    Before she told him who was written on the card he knew that it was a male.
    He was like “do u kno that celebrity? Not personally but do u kno who he
    is, you kno who it is?” Lol hes a great magician tho. 

  6. Kelsey Estes says:

    When he said ” oh you don’t think I’m ready for that” I cracked up

  7. I like Cake and Frosting says:

    1:34. It looks like there’s a ghost on the white board in the backround.

  8. Kelsey Estes says:

    I think Darcy Oake is a magician and comedian because he’s pretty funny he
    cracks me up

  9. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Great magician! Plus he’s handsome which makes it 100x better to watch

  10. Sevi CZ says:

    Easy. All the cards were Tom Cruise or he gave her the card at the end.

  11. ddavel5441 says:

    Chick was thinkin – “Will I be getting laid tonight?”

  12. Cal Macondo says:

    Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

  13. Dachota Johnstone says:

    This is why i cant stand youtube videos, especially magic videos; people
    just feel the need to ruin the magic act. Pardon my language, but it is not
    fucking neccessary, if you know the trick to it, for fuck sakes, just keep
    it to yourself.

  14. ndnow12 says:

    2:42 you can hear the snap from the switch. He had the card on his person
    and swapped it in.

  15. Gonz says:

    Micheal Jordkson!

  16. mamiluisamia says:

    I could watch Darcy for hours doing magic. And I don’t like magic…

  17. William Bynum says:

    Pretty sweet. 

  18. ungratefulmetalpansy says:

    How can I be the envelope?

  19. Uchiha Amanda says:

    Not only handsome, but also talented AND funny…
    I thought you didn’t exist :’)

  20. Loit Ramirez says:

    Si le das la carta que a ti te conviene es porque sabes tu truco.pero si
    dejabas que ella escoja su carta te lo derrumba todo.!!!

  21. Daniel Hexamer says:

    what if all the cards were of tom cruise?

  22. charger bolts says:


  23. Sanjay K J says:

    It was funny how he presented the pics of the babies. He was the person who
    said “Tom” Curise. No one else. it could’ve been Tom “Hanks”. :P 

  24. Ruubin Llin says:

    that was boring compared to the american got talent… mumbling low budget.

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