Criss Angel fail

April 28, 2015 by Admin  
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you must see that!!!!!! nice fail.
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25 Responses to “Criss Angel fail”
  1. Ashton hicks says:

    I dont get it the title is CHRIS ANGEL FAIL how did he fail?

  2. Fragacide says:

    Is that the sound of a tire screeching after they bring up the cloth? You
    can hear it and what sounds to be Criss trying to cover it up by yelling
    I don’t see any other slip ups, though. Of course it’s not a very
    impressive trick to begin with.

  3. Didou Touta says:

    thanks for the blessing of quran and may god bless muslims everywhere

  4. Jessica Andrade says:


  5. amanda erin kirk says:

    What fail?

  6. Trine Christensen says:

    No one fail

  7. Syarief Hidayatullah says:

    look around 1:26 – 1:27 , you gonna find something in this video:D

  8. Nooroa Paniani says:


  9. Bayarlah Pajak says:

    gta parking place.

  10. jamez dean says:

    fuck allah

  11. BullToTheShit says:

    I love how he says the audience isn’t “In” on it. Lol. 

  12. André S.Cadore - Profile says:

    camera cuts is normal on criss angel program,but live concert is possible?

  13. Jagethemage says:


  14. TheMegadong says:

    There was no fail but very successful show.

  15. Alex West says:

    That wasn’t a fail

  16. Grant Williams says:

    how is that a fail?

  17. CanadianForEver HgBro says:

    its all fake its a fail :P 

  18. Salvador Jg says:

    I want to fail like Chris but with a Camaro 

  19. TheNerdCraft Bros says:

    How is that a fail

  20. Mr.Buderdoesminecraft says:

    wait how is this vid a fail? it was sapoused to do that i mean sure its
    fake but how it a fail?

  21. Mdm Gaming 2 says:

    It was not as fail

  22. Rioland Mcc says:

    Wow! Thats cool , i like Criss car..

  23. Last Uchiha says:

    It’s a fail because he controlled it from inside not from the remote
    control ..xD

  24. :D Mine :D Antson says:

    Camera Tricks WTF

  25. Nicholas Waters says:

    This isn’t a fail – it’s the best trick ever!

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