Criss Angel – Cuts Woman In Half – Revealed

January 31, 2015 by Admin  
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Criss Angel’s magic trick got so famouse and people were wondering how they do it but I have revealed it! Watch this video so you can learn how he does it an…
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25 Responses to “Criss Angel – Cuts Woman In Half – Revealed”
  1. Jenna Ice says:

    so awesome… I couldnt believe what I saw when this came out… I felt so
    wrong wtching it im like its REAL!! haha

  2. MrTenDollarMan says:

    i dont remember the woman’s name but if u find it and google it, she has
    half body.. This sucks..

  3. Dan Cosme says:

    this entire park scene was staged anyways. my cousin acted in it.

  4. Crystal T says:

    What about when he did it with a male? I understand hiding in a long skirt
    but what about a thin man wearing shorts?

  5. djbat3 says:

    It’s obviously at 1:25 it’s a completely different shot. There’s been a cut
    and the actress was replaced. The entire thing was staged. There was never
    a live audience.

  6. Athena B says:

    Why hasnt nobody figured that if it were true, there would be blood and
    guts everywhere? 

  7. Bertie Blue says:

    My cock would have fell off watching this live … what an encore that
    would make.

  8. Ethan Zeccola says:

    This magic trick traumatised me for years 

  9. carlos delacruz says:

    That is not how he did it, we all know is not magic, just a amazing
    illusion, so if is a contortionist and a half body woman, explain how a
    contortionist can walk head upside-down and holding a woman on his ribcage
    without difficulty,, and the way she sat down,,, uumm, I don’t know buddy
    bad explanation.. I guess

  10. Mac Ruby says:

    CONTORTIONIST! You are a person who don’t know about this supernaturalism.
    You are merely a skeptic without true knowledge. I know this is not a trick
    because many of my ancestors befriended beings cannot be seen by SCIENTIFIC
    MATERIALISTIC EYE BALLS. They did things which physicists cannot debunk. To
    all skeptics out there who think this is merely CGI or Scientific Illusion
    did you make proper diagnostic approaches before you will say this is JUST

  11. Marty McHerro says:

    Good Trick
    But Bad Video Quality.

  12. Ed Camp says:

    Just believe in magic you mugles!!

  13. Mary heart says:

    Omg thanks for this.!!! I was like did this actually happen.? Lol

  14. Phynixx Williams says:

    Omg is that real if they did that to me I will not get to do front flips or
    back flips


  15. itssophie says:

    my brother showed me this when I was little and I was so scared I started
    balling my eyes out and ran to my mum !!! lol how I’ve changed

  16. Tique Holl says:

    Shadows advance at least an hr at the edit moment of the switch!

  17. Aashish Jayant says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Phynixx Williams says:

    Omg is that real if they did that to me I will not get to do front flips or
    back flips


  19. Jeffry Ong says:

    How can he stand using two people when they act like that.even sitting in
    chair.i can see theres a trick in this magic but i cant see a good
    explanation in this video.

  20. jon teves says:

    i thought the feet should do all the running

  21. yumxx says:

    this explanation doesnt make any sense sorry…. in the beginning the
    comment is “notice how thing she is”, which supposedly explains “the
    contortionist’s thin legs” as per the picture, however the upper body of
    rose siggins is not thin/ she has a large bust. I dont necessary believe
    this trick is real, but this explanation is very well done either.

    My question is though, why did the upper half of the woman’s body start
    crawling away after being pullled apart… i mean, if that was me i’d just
    lie there screaming and crying lol 

  22. ashley perez says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  23. mohamed abbas says:

    It is a clear trick even without an explanation. After cutting the woman,
    the response and the act of the woman is not natural.
    First, the woman should be shocked, escaping from the scene without her
    legs is not natural.
    Secondly, using her hand and hips to escape, means she is trained to do
    that, she didn’t face any difficulties to run away, because simply she is
    used to do so.

  24. Juanita Luevano says:

    Or you a girl i like you if you are

  25. Trolleo McTroll says:

    *There is a lot of money surrounding people like blaine and angel. At this
    point, the ‘trick’ may be as simple as telling a crowd you are **going to
    show them how to do such and such a trick** but don’t show that on camera.
    Instead, you use you CGI and record the crowd’s reaction. Lets face it,
    people react more to a coin appearing in the hand out of nowhere then they
    did to this; watch his illusion where he pulls martinis and all this shit
    out of a painting. Watch the people’s dull reaction.. its just not there.*

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