This funny prank of a magic trick is easy to learn. Learn how to Wow! & LOL people with the epic crazy Straw thru the Face Trick. Watch the tutorial video here:…

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  1. ildelyn felicano:

    He just has a straw in his mouth its very simple

  2. Jes Pettersson:

    Looks like the video is cut right after you say “thats all i got”, then
    removed the straw from your mouth and kept filming.

  3. Bloopydoo:

    how duz he dew it?

  4. Da Wrongbear:

    *Pause at **0:18* You can clearly tell the straw in his mouth is closer to
    the camer than the other one. Also the pattern of the straw doesn’t meet

  5. Alexandra Barron:

    There was a smaller straw in his mouth

  6. Psymonics:

    very dangerous trick to be showing children as they could swallow the straw
    and die.

  7. Pedro Benavides:

    How do you do that

  8. The Gunny:

    Simple he has a small piece of straw in his mouth then when he pretends to
    drive it through his chin it slide down his hand and when he opens his
    mouthup he makes that little piece of straw stand up in his mouth.. When
    he’s done with the trick, and talking to you can see him kind of hide that
    pieceof straw under the back of his tounge…. Daaaaaaaa

  9. Dymira Laurent:

    I know how he did it

  10. Meia Wright:

    That is crazy

  11. Jiwon Woo:

    Wow how did you do that

  12. Chloe Bridges:

    Tel. Me how

  13. PinkTiger:

    i know what he do BUT IT LOOKED SO
    I was like OMG but yea i did kknow what he did

  14. son tran:


  15. michelle aquino:

    Yeah that’s what I was going to say Awilda Rivera:-) 

  16. Nick Arvanites:

    i seriously dont know why but i feel all nostalgic goin thru and watching
    all your old vids man keep em up your da bomb!( p.s. youve totally helped
    my decision to one day move to japan)

  17. kristopher mclachlan:

    How do you do that trick

  18. Taha Jamhour:

    I know right

  19. ana benitez:

    that was his does he do it.

  20. Kevin Linhorst:

    How do you do it

  21. Kristine Martin:

    That’s awsome but fake

  22. Kitty VortEX:

    I know how u did that

  23. sierra newman:


  24. Guillermo Hueramo:


  25. caitlin-sue chambers:

    that is fake