Create Partition in Windows 8 | Easily Create Separate Partition in Hard Drive using Windows 8

April 1, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks Want to Create Partition in Windows 8? Find out how to easily Create Separate Partition in Hard Drive using Windows 8, in seconds!!! You can either create…


25 Responses to “Create Partition in Windows 8 | Easily Create Separate Partition in Hard Drive using Windows 8”
  1. Haydenator NZ says:

    Hi. I did this because it says “a required drive partition is missing” when
    I try to reset my laptop. I’ve made the drive partition but it still says a
    driver partition is required. Help please.

  2. aparna singh says:

    Awesome! Very simple and easy.. Thanks :-) 

  3. Joy Majumdar says:

    why do we create partition?

  4. Mike V says:

    If I partition my USB hard drive, I realize I can use any partition for
    READYBOOST BUT say I partition a USB hard drive into 3 seperate partitions
    being the appropriate size for readyboost, will I be able to use all of the
    seperate readyboost partitions on one USB drive and will they all work ?

  5. gunadarma16 says:

    Alhamdulillah it works..
    Nice :) 

  6. Manoj Kumar says:

    ThankYou! It is easy to understand. More Partition without format hard disk
    in windows 8.

  7. Xinadamen says:

    Dude when I insert the 102400 mb in the amount of space the shrink the
    value below goes to 0… My hard drive is from 1000gb, can you help me

  8. Obang Jamir says:

    helped me a lot…thanks:)

  9. John Aquino says:

    hey when i go to disk management. I dont see the bottom part of that window
    just a list of my drive and system reserved.
    I can see that blue line or anything there 2:34 pls help

  10. HanKSN101 says:

    Hella Sweet!
    Thank You

  11. vineet Nihalani says:

    I m unable to create partition because when i enter the amount of space
    required and that to within the range, it prompts “not enough space
    available on the disk to complete this operation”. Reply ASAP.

  12. Aldin Majunovic says:

    Hi, if I install win 8 again, would I have this locel disc at start or I
    should again do this Disc Defragment or something?
    Thanks :) 

  13. sivakumar arani says:

    Thanks. Very easy to follow

  14. Sameera Sam says:

    Hello,my lap’s hard disk space is 500gb and 200 of it is free. When I try
    to create a partition using this method,it shows that available shrink
    space is 4073mb. I wanna leave a 100gb for the c drive and create a
    partition with the remaining memory. But it doesn’t accept if I enter any
    greater number than 4073. Please help me out.

  15. Prudvi r says:

    thank you

  16. Azhar Mahmood says:

    Thanxxxxxxx Dude.

  17. Jordan Ng says:

    He said squeen just like my friend XD

  18. reginecelinaaa says:

    Worked smoothly. Thank you for the easy instructions! 

  19. Moses Eribo says:

    I was going to use this for a ubuntu boot space but it seems extremely
    more useful for organising work thanks

  20. Condrad Tablate says:

    Thank u very much! Cool and easy to follow instructions!

  21. Hud Cenrick says:

    Help me! It says i dont have access rights to use disk manager!

  22. Naveen ahmed u says:

    you are worlds best

  23. A Reuben says:

    Thank you so much. Easily understandable. 

  24. Nico Van T Dack says:

    its actualy sill by most computer whne you just bought them theire hard
    drive is split in 2 then the second 1 is used for backups but if your hard
    drive breaks down then lost everthing even the b ackup in the splited hard

  25. ChRoNiCxHiT says:

    Do I need to reformat first my laptop? Just asking.
    Or I could just do the partition safely?

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