Crazy pool vortex

February 1, 2015 by Admin  
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This unique phenomenon can be easily reproduced in a pool on a sunny day. Many thanks to the Vlogbrothers for their sponsorship of this video! Also thank you…
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24 Responses to “Crazy pool vortex”
  1. Physics Girl says:

    New video! Check out this crazy vortex in the pool #physics

  2. Gerard van Schip says:

    I could watch and listen to this all day. Girls talking science is crazy

  3. Juan Torres says:

    i’m not sure which is cooler – the phenomenon or the explanation. 

  4. Kram1032 says:

    Wow that’s awesome! I thought I’d know a lot more about these than I
    apparently actually know. The food-coloring experiment was pretty epic. I
    had no idea that these things take matter with them. (In retrospect it
    should have been obvious though, given that that’s precisely how smoke
    rings work)
    Really nice experiment

  5. Andrew Kaylor says:

    now, make a worm hole and I’ll be really impressed :) 

  6. Muineth says:

    After watching this, I signed up for Physics next term at my school. Thanks
    for the push! I was on the fence, but I’m excited to take it!

  7. subliminalvibes says:

    You just got a new Subscriber. :) 

  8. Daniel Ely Rankin says:

    Can I meet you #physicsGirl? Sincerely, #physicsGuy

    Great video, watch

  9. Tetsuya Isozaki says:


    (プール 渦 pool vortex メモ)

  10. Philippe Beaudoin says:

    A simple explanation of a fun little phenomena. Also a cool experience to
    run with your kids, if you happen to live in a place that’s not currently
    covered under 30cm of snow.

  11. dchen345 says:

    The quality on this video is insane!

  12. J Pierce says:

    For All You Science Fans, Check Out This Video

  13. Martín Monteiro says:

    Fun physics with water:

    Crazy pool vortex (by +Physics Girl):

    Learning physics in a water park (by +Arturo C. Marti +Nicolás Rubido +Cecilia
    Cabeza in +Physics Education):

    Falaco solitons, Cosmic strings in a swimming pool (by R.M.Kiehn):

  14. Gina Gaudio-Graves says:

    Geek out on this WILD Vortex physics video! (Wait for food coloring part –

  15. NJ Gatchalian says:

    I loove the Physics girl !!

    #Physics #Science #Vortex

  16. FRUHD says:

    I hated physics. The only thing that I liked about physics class was when
    it ended early. But this. I watched and the jaw dropped and I literally
    said out loud, “woah, cool” right before you said it in the video. So.

  17. jebus6kryst says:

    “Many thanks to the Vlogbrothers for their sponsorship of this video!”

    Glad to see you are selling out. That means more videos!

  18. Open2Study says:

    You’re going to love what happens when this woman drags a plate through the
    pool water.

    What a great way to use the pool, when it’s too cold to swim. Try this at
    home and share some photos or video of your results.

    ‪#‎O2SBascPhys‬ ‪#‎O2SWater‬ ‪#‎O2SMarine‬

  19. Gareth McKinley says:

    really nicely done – love the food coloring trick to see the connected
    half-vortex ring structure. Might be cool to try two different food colors
    (e.g. red and blue) in either half and watch the slow mixing (what causes
    the tangential transport along the vortex line? gravity/sedimentation?)

  20. Saikrishnan B says:

    She can get stuck in my vortex any time. Am i doing this right ?

  21. Jamie Foxx says:

    You must be a better ‘scientist’ than me because I tried this and didn’t
    even get close to the effect you show.
    And why does the vid cut away right after you push the plate into the water
    and then cut back after the perfect black circles have begun to creep
    across the pool?
    I call fake, your sexy looks don’t fool me, I will continue to call this
    fake till proof is provided.

  22. The Gentleman Physicist says:

    That was really really neat. I’m kind of curious how many takes it took to
    get that nice sharp pair of vortices. Seems like for every good take you’d
    get a bunch of unusable blobs and have to wait for the pool to smooth out.

  23. LegioRulez says:

    That’s so cool! Thank you so much for your videos, they are always so

  24. Richard DeVaul says:

    Crazy pool vortex

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