Cool Magic Trick: Learn A Cool Magic Trick Over Xmas – Trick 2

February 3, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Cool Magic Trick: Learn A Cool Magic Trick Over Xmas – Trick 2”
  1. Elijah Harrow says:

    One way you could do it (if you have watched the sealed video) is you could
    go into like a pub or restaurant were there are already mini Doritos bags
    lined up for sale. All you have to do when you get to the reveal part is
    grab your set up dorito bag that you put with the rest and wallah 

  2. Tom Zom says:

    Can someone tell me what the song is at the end of the video?

  3. akrom ali says:

    When will you show haw to do sealed coz I need to know plus I can’t wait
    and youer the best

  4. Rikesh Shah says:

    Whats the music at the end?

    Not darude sandstorm fuktards

  5. Normus S says:

    U are doing great Jay Jay,
    Man u defs going to make it big bro, been following u since 2011.

  6. abdou bob says:

    I am a Muslim and I <3 prophet Jesus l cannot call myself muslim unless I
    believe in and honor Jesus Pease be upon him , His miraculous
    Birth brought an enormous amount of goodness and light to this world.
    May we draw closer to all prophets of Allah 

  7. Joshua Arriaga says:

    How do you know what card to put on the back of the sticker? I’m having
    trouble with that part

  8. The Lonely Turnip says:

    Jay Jay or J.J I love Free magic live but seriously, is sealed just a bag
    re-sealer? Just force a card and have a duplicate card in a bag of
    re-sealed chips?

  9. TheBlazingSnow says:

    When they sign it it won’t be the same and also it might not be the same

  10. Tomski Card Magic says:

    can you do a video on how to get big on youtube with magic thanks, do the
    coin matrix as well!:)

  11. meghan Payne says:

    How do you know what card they choose to put behind the sticker 

  12. matt milobowski says:

    You probably have to force a card but cool trick 

  13. RJ MAGIC says:

    I thought Josh was a weak, nerdy, teen filming for Jay Jay as an intern.
    But, actually he is a cool, strong guy. WOW
    (I thought of this because of the name “Josh”)

  14. DubCmusicTV says:

    What’s the opening sequence music?

  15. Andrew Sharp says:

    That Joker design is awesome.

  16. James C says:

    What music did you use for the sealed trailer?

  17. John Jisto says:

    Jay Jay can u please reveal sealed on YouTube 

  18. Owen Guilliams says:

    when are you going to do sealed i rely wan to do it to my famlie

  19. Kylie Dugger says:

    I’m the 10th view what?!!

  20. SmithMagicLive says:

    nice trick i love it

  21. Adrian Garza says:

    nice nice well done :D 

  22. Ovvywovvy Woo says:

    I knew what he did

  23. Desirée vgv says:

    good trick 

  24. Rikesh Shah says:

    Seriously what’s the sing at the end

  25. besteverbasa says:

    first xD

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