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FOR MORE KIM KARDASHIAN TECHNIQUES CLICK HERE: This look is inspired by Kim Kardashian in Glamour magazine. Contouring isn’t as scary as…
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  1. Chris Cruise says:

    “The Kim Kardashian look?” What’s that? How to look like a talentless skank
    ho? Damn American teenage girls need a virtuous role model soo badly. Sad. 

  2. Sonia Garcia says:

    That sitter is so unprofessional, annoying and distracting. No one is
    saying she has to be miserable but at least behave like a professional
    sitter/model which, of course, is the job she was hired to do.

  3. Anna Arceno says:


  4. Clara Knott says:

    Real models do not giggle. Have you seen Charlotte Tilbury’s tutorials?
    Not a smile. Have you seen Victoria’s Secret’s models? Aat least in real
    life they have proper teeth.

  5. Courtney Barrett says:

    I don’t know why this is bothering me so much, but the model is so
    unprofessional. Like have you never seen what people look like before you
    blend contouring? its really not that funny but apparently she thinks its
    hilarious, so unprofessional and very distracting.

  6. SANX' BILE says:

    Its funny how when I first started contouring when I was like 13 (it was
    mostly on other people so don’t worry I didn’t look like I prostitute) it
    came naturally like I didn’t have to watch videos or anything to figure out
    where to highlight and it’s not just that its that way with eye-shadow,
    lipstick, and eyebrows too so maybe I might be a makeup artist lmao 

  7. Lacey Knight says:

    I have to say that I have watched several of Goss’ videos and I haven’t
    found anything to be so critical about as the comments I read below. If
    you are irritated by the model stop watching, or don’t pay attention to
    whatever she does that irritates you I guess. I think this is an amazing
    tutorial. One right after another from this artist. Why focus on what you
    perceive to be bad? He obviously puts LOADS of effort and time/work into
    these so I say that everything is fabulous, well done and I cannot wait for
    more time to watch more of his videos. He obviously knows so much about
    makeup and its application that he is an asset to anyone seeking help,
    which you probably all were if you found yourself here as well. So GO
    GOSS! And help keep me going too with your infinite knowledge of not only
    makeup as an artist but also the amount of knowledge you possess on
    anatomical properties as they relate to the makeup and its application is
    just right on. Thank you so much for your time and for lending your
    knowledge out to the world:-)

  8. shannon ashley says:

    I am nervous to try this, but I will! I bet it takes a fair amount of
    practice to get it down! I’ll definitely try it out and get it to look
    right a few times before I ever wear it out in public!! I’m hooked on your
    videos!! You are such an awesome makeup artist! I never really realized the
    art that is in makeup artistry. I know that sounds dumb but for me and most
    women I know its more of a slap it on till it looks alright n go approach.
    Its amazing to watch you transform yourself and others!! Thank you for your
    time n tutorials! I appreciate it as well as many others I’ve gotten hooked
    on them!!

  9. Shona Johnson says:

    But her face is gonna be a completely different colour to her hands! This
    isn’t really helpful in how to contour pale skin :/ good tutorial for more
    tanned women though

  10. SaliorSarah says:

    WOW!! I am going to use this tutorial when i put my makeup on this morning! :) I have been watching you for years and you are by far my favourite
    makeup artist about. You have this easy way about you and make your videos
    short and sweet and to the point which means they are so easy to watch! xxx

  11. Tia Moore says:

    She looked better before. Why did he use a color that completely hid her
    real color complexion. She looked just as healthy before. What happens when
    she goes swimming? Nothing wrong with being white. Make up is supposed to
    be worn in to match your natural color and enhance your natural beauty not
    disguise it. Be your natural color, whatever it is. Being white doesn’t
    mean you are unhealthy

  12. DoodleBug2216 says:

    I think your videos are very inspirational and informative for those who
    are into the whole makeup thing, people leave stupid/hateful comments but
    those are the people who don’t understand, wait for it…wait for
    it…wait….they don’t understand MAKEUP. its phucking makeup you guys!!!
    it comes off at the end of the day, if you don’t like a certain look or
    technique, no one is pointing a gun to your head and forcing you to try it.
    You guys can write stupid ass hateful comments but i highly doubt Goss is
    losing any sleep over it you ignorant dummies. Makeup is about art,
    technique, creativity, etc. you morons.

  13. Silver Jenson says:

    I wish you haters would seriously get a job as a makeup artist! U think
    it’s just all serious bitches and assholes? No! We laugh we joke, it
    relaxes our models, keep hatin tho we’re not done thinking of things just
    to piss you off even more! You think Wayne is sad? No your sad, and
    pathetic, keep hatin we love haters motivates people even more lovey!
    Hahaha! Wayne your wonderful, truly talented, I really hope you don’t let
    the “haters” ruin your day, they’re nobodies, true jealousy being shown to
    all, when haters display their ignorance they show their weaknesses, it’s
    laughable really. Keep doin what you do! Mad respect! Oh and the
    Kardashians aren’t American girls role models because the younger girls
    love their makeup, good lord! Get it right!

  14. TheTruthTeller says:

    So this means that we have to be careful of who we bang in our beds,maybe
    you could find a mosnter behind that huge amount of makeup.

  15. Jacquelina Glycerio says:

    is perfect make up like the movie star.

  16. Viktoria Beth says:

    It’s nice, yea.
    But not for everyday .. too much make up on face. 

  17. Msol Glz. says:

    She’s sooo beautiful!! I’m jealous!!!

  18. Cecy Flowers says:

    Quit making stupid faces dump woman!

  19. bache15 says:

    Old video but a good one !

  20. Estelle Roberts says:

    She looked so much better before. It makes me sad how girls think they need
    to cake themselves in make up to look pretty :( 

  21. messed0up0world says:

    what the hell is with everyone getting so angry that she’s smiling?! what
    is wrong with the world? oh my god, how dare she laugh, isn’t it just
    awful. and if she was just staring there expressionless y’all would bash
    her for that too.

  22. Adam Ozdo says:

    Kim kardashian became famous and “role model ” because of her sex tape so
    this sends bad messages to girls and does bad to society in the whole 

  23. Totally Hamster Advice says:

    EVERYONE stop hating this is amazing just because you can’t do it doesn’t
    mean u should hate 

  24. Alexe Bilodeau says:

    I’m not into make up at all, I don’t even know why I came here. But hey!
    That thing is just awesome and the girl is still beautiful, with or without

    That was amazing, keep it up!

  25. shamz waran says:

    i love how some boys r better at doing make up than most girls

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