Celeste Chen at the Trick eye Museum SINGAPORE & Dance video

January 19, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks

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17 Responses to “Celeste Chen at the Trick eye Museum SINGAPORE & Dance video”
  1. Nicole Chen says:

    u really damn funny!

  2. csm125700 says:

    Xiao chabor….sua ku…

  3. Thomas Schumacher says:

    bist zum dahinschmelzen knuddelig <3

  4. H5Hightower says:

    So funneh, love the museum there :) 

  5. Ferdy Lee says:

    Haha reaction damn funny

  6. Penny Teo says:

    Here is Celeste from? I’m from Singapore

  7. Sam Phem says:

    very nice

  8. Xiiao Jiro says:

    wow your shoe very thick

  9. Jeremy Keim says:

    so so so so cute

  10. Alvaro Fong Zhen Yu says:

    I wish I could dance :( 

  11. christopher wong says:

    nice and funny video 

  12. Philson says:

    LOL. Why u so funny.

  13. Jimmy Chee Hou says:

    beautiful girls and some art pic…thats what we want

  14. S Cc says:

    Chaery so pretty

  15. josephira joss says:


  16. marthen j kuntong says:

    haha :P 

  17. Candice Min says:

    So cute!

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