Card Tricks: The Shuffling Lesson

January 7, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Card Tricks: The Shuffling Lesson”
  1. liam apilado says:


  2. Beau Burchfield says:

    Wait wait wait… Someone please explain how they are getting their aces
    from the top to the bottom. Many of you seem to understand how this works,
    but I’m having an issue with it. If there’s a slightly random number of
    cards (around 26 in both hands), and the person’s aces are on top, then
    even stripping the cards one at a time, they would still only have their
    aces on bottom after a very specific, unknown-to-the-performer amount of
    cuts… How do you ensure their aces being on the bottom?

  3. Ashish Rout says:

    That’s Shocking Card Trick And really Simple Also…….THANKS A LOT :) :):);)

  4. Nicholas Tong says:

    The triple table false cut would be more effective if the middle pile is
    picked up first, then the right pile and finally the king pile. Less
    obvious and wouldn’t interrupt the mechanics of the trick. 

  5. Doc Holiday says:

    forever alone.

  6. Beau Burchfield says:

    I love this trick, and am seriously looking for an answer. Can anyone

  7. jisonable1 says:

    my ffirends just like to take the tpo card when I tel theh to cut it in 2 

  8. turglow says:

    great trick

  9. bluedasher23 says:

    Wow that is a very nice trick! I didn’t see the false cut when you were
    doing the performance. Thanks for the tutorial

  10. Yuri Lopes says:

    I actually noticed it.. And as i would do these magic tricks to my friends,
    they pay close attention to it, so it wouldn’t really work.. it’s very
    powerful though

  11. Tyler Kent says:

    Would it be less effective if you gave them the bottom pile and skipped the
    first shuffling step? Because I don’t quite understand how to get their
    Aces to the bottom of their pack

  12. Hakkenzz says:

    Good trick, you drag your spec. Into the trick and it has a great kicker at
    the end (: keep it up !!

  13. Dejan Vancevski says:

    iiiiiiiii… you man!

  14. jean-françois Martin says:

    Waoooooo. So nice.

  15. 52Kards says:

    Lol, reading the captions for this video is really funny

  16. xRAID3Rx says:

    This is useful :) Thanks and good video.

  17. blista66 says:

    Awesome,I was wondering if you could review the bicycle zodiac or the
    artifice blue version 2

  18. joni back says:

    can i get the tutorial?

  19. Drow377 says:

    I preformed this several times to different crowds and no one noticed. Just
    talk, act like you’re really giving the advices and make jokes about how
    messy their moves and shuffles are. All eyes will be on other person’s deck
    while u can do anything you want. Plus, skip the false cut, its useless for
    the trick anyway

  20. Suucka MC says:

    1:13 “Chocolate Faster”

  21. Thesw hj says:

    haha amen to that! xD

  22. TheJmagics says:

    Fantastic! Please sub back!

  23. Nabil Hassan says:

    lolol this trick is great. the other person will be so focused on learning
    what is going on wont even notice that the trick is on them.

  24. Le Cid says:

    If you skip the first shuffle, that would lessen the effect. I think that’s
    when they get the most the impression that what’s happening is entirely
    fair, and every subsequent move just helps reinforce that feeling. As a
    side note, getting their aces to the bottom of their pack is just a matter
    of peeling off the first cards one by one.

  25. gunperry says:

    thanks a lot

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