Card Tricks Revealed Criss Angel Traveling Queens Deck Giveaway

March 15, 2015 by Admin  
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10 Responses to “Card Tricks Revealed Criss Angel Traveling Queens Deck Giveaway”
  1. Omar Tabech says:

    It’s a really cool trick i hope i can win a deck of cards cuz i love magic
    and in my country there are no places to buy a gd plating cards i hope i
    can win one of them

  2. Rox Maxter says:

    Can I have a deck please. My cards are rubbish but I love magic! I don’t
    care mind what deck but please can I have one it would help so much.

  3. wjswsdn says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!It’s amazing trick!
    And i want to win that cards.HaHa

  4. Naishal Patel says:

    Love this trick, tried it on my brother and he was pretty amazed. I love
    your channel :)
    keep making great vids

  5. AlexisOverDrive says:

    I feel like a really dumb person now that i know how simply it is.

  6. Zé luigini says:

    love the trick, but still kind of noobi on the elmsli :p
    i would like to win the kights one :) 

  7. David Wrenner says:

    Wow simple yet effective!
    The sentinal deck would be nice for my collection!

  8. karl karlson says:

    Good job there, very good job! And I would love to win a deck :) 

  9. Yari Bins says:

    The choose a deck

  10. osmica Angelov says:

    awesome trick!

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