Card Trick Tutorial – Free Choice

March 25, 2015 by Admin  
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The trick that inspired me to want to learn magic Subscribe WEBSITE: TWITTER: http://twitter.
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25 Responses to “Card Trick Tutorial – Free Choice”
  1. J. A. Evans says:

    Can I use some type of false cut to see the bottom card?

  2. Justin Bower says:

    Could you please redo this trick? Thanks!

  3. Gaje Gaming says:

    Wait, what????

  4. Sebastian Chu says:

    1st of 2015

  5. Angel Blas Casares says:

    Awesome only if I had a pack of cards 

  6. Aaron Beaumont says:

    I usually palm the bottom card, and get three different people, one by one,
    to shuffle then go through and pick out a card. Put all the cards on top of
    the palmed card and square up. Then you have 4 cards in your hand. Flip
    them over, show them their 3 cards (double lift the last 2) while passing
    to the other hand. Palm the bottom card again, pass them their 3 cards,
    then get back the deck to clean up the palmed card. The only problem with
    this verson is you have to peak at every card the chose. Which is why I use
    3 people, more distraction. 

  7. vulfpeck1337 says:

    NAME OF CUT AT 1:20? PLEASE ANSWER! caps lock rage tihi

  8. Orel Benisti says:

    This trick is great and it inspired me as well to do magic!

  9. Playboo2 says:

    you could use, for the last card, the spread cull force after transfering
    the bottom card to the top, so it will sem more believable

  10. Jaime Black says:

    or u could just force them to pick the last one im surpriced u didnt
    mention it 

  11. Adam Wishart says:

    I have done a tutorial for this trick, such a simple trick but can give
    some amazing reactions and a great trick to do. 

  12. Taylor Potter says:

    O_O when i was doing it i grabbed the 9 of spades to O_O creepy

  13. TheSOfficial says:

    The you automatically know what card they chose. You just stop the trick
    and recap.

  14. oPryzeLP says:

    then its even better.

  15. TheJats670 says:

    I had a French exchange student show me this trick and that’s what got me
    started too.

  16. charlie reed says:

    what do you do if they pick the bottem card ?

  17. Pokebreaker says:

    I like using simple tricks like this, to see if the spectator is a good
    candidate for other tricks that involve risky sleights. I use a method that
    makes the Known Card look appealing to the spectator, and they usually pick
    it within 3-4 selections, thus completing the trick without me having to
    personally interact with the cards. I also have them write down the card
    before I tell them to find it, then read them back at the and, with me
    turning them over as they are read.

  18. GamerZubin says:

    I know it’s you Jarek!

  19. CamCav98 says:

    My teacher from 7th grade taught my this trick she was a really cool
    teacher :)

  20. KoolBoyzProduction says:

    ur too gud

  21. Samuel Leung says:

    what if the bottom card is picked?

  22. Cinqmil says:

    Doesn’t really matter. I did this trick a little more dirty: I really
    scrambled the cards, but palmed one of them which I put on the deck. So she
    could pick any card, even the one I would pick at the end. She picked it
    the second time. By then I threw over the two cards, I didn’t have to do
    anything, it was just probability. She still doesn’t know how I did it. So
    although the trick went slightly wrong, its effect was even greater. You
    just cannot repeat it ever again. ;)

  23. Noah Topper says:

    well imagine this, “Pick out the jack of clubs” (They pick the card) “Turn
    it over” (Looks) You are now a god.

  24. axelilc777 says:

    @CharlieReed3R if that does happen to you alot. try memorizing the second
    card to the bottem or third.

  25. qnoobcakep says:

    n wtf ;p

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