Britney Spears Making MAGIC TRICKS The Circus Starring

April 17, 2015 by Admin  
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Britney Spears in the Circus Starring, In Long Island March 23 th. Perfoming with magic tricks.
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18 Responses to “Britney Spears Making MAGIC TRICKS The Circus Starring”
  1. CocoaBaby164 says:

    LOL! I came back because I forgot to give you 5 stars! The show was Amazing!

  2. bedalexp says:


  3. Maria Joao Rodrigues says:

    @SpyWhoLovedHimself bahh -.- die looser

  4. BritneysPrerogative says:


  5. Maria Joao Rodrigues says:

    @SpyWhoLovedHimself bahh -.- die looser

  6. chrisdamask2 says:

    this is awesome!

  7. carolki13 says:

    great job seryi!!

  8. penguinz3333 says:

    WTF how did they do those tricks!!!!!!!

  9. iloveanf91 says:

    That was amazing! I was terrified when the blades were inserted in the box!
    Thans for uploading! 5 stars, FAV!

  10. Maria Joao Rodrigues says:

    @SpyWhoLovedHimself bahhh -.- die looser

  11. chelsea blackmore says:

    one the first one, britney is crouching in the bottom, it looks smaller
    that it actually is, on the second trick you can see her stand sideways and
    she leans forward to put her head in the hole, and the last one the second
    she goes in the curtain she slides down the stairs and double comes up…

  12. Maria Joao Rodrigues says:

    I got so scared when the magician “cutted” britney^^

  13. SpyWhoLovedHimself says:

    @JaredHottie Yer I was afraid she’d survive.

  14. tybren7 says:

    I get it with the prop itself but not with the stagearen’t i done see any
    lift/hole where she would go down. Not in this song, but any song just
    looking at the stage there dousnt look like there would be any cutouts

  15. evanisbored says:

    On the second trick if she leans to the side to make it look like she was
    cut were/how do the big slicer/knife things work?

  16. BRLFAN says:

    I like it :)

  17. dazybug says:

    Ed Alonzo “The Misfit of Magic” is One Awesome Magician!!!

  18. CocoaBaby164 says:

    Hey, were you there the same night as me? Did you haer me screaming
    BRITNEY? LOL! I was there also, the PCD’S were sick. Great job on the video!

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