Britain’s Got Talent 2015 – The Most Amazing Magic Trick Ever – bgt Auditions

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Britain’s Got Talent 2015.The Most Amazing Magic Trick Ever. all the Judges and especially Simon Cowell was Stunned and left in Shock at this Real Magic Act. A Totally Amazing and Breathtaking…
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25 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2015 – The Most Amazing Magic Trick Ever – bgt Auditions”
  1. mike rayner says:

    Sorry Guys But This Video Is now BLOCKED In The UK Hopefully it will be
    Released After Britain’s Got Talent 2015 Has Finished! but i’m glad all
    you other guys CAN see it and i must thank you ALL for your Likes & Shares :) 

  2. mike rayner says:

    This Magic Trick Is Amazing

  3. 25domie says:

    Absolutely Amazing !

  4. Dominic Ballano says:

    In America he would be arrested for defacing currency. Still amazing tho

  5. Snbcyjubuh Siau says:

    OMG !!! So brilliant !!!! Omg !!! +Liew Woon Shean​ 

  6. Bilal Haider says:

    if you find the way, when he added that 7 of hearts in his that Animated
    deck you got the trick. , you only have to insert that one card into that
    animated deck , which the next person says.
    rest of animation is done beautifully.. and i am pretty much sure. when he
    grabbed that deck into his hands he inserted that card. and BAMMM!!
    everyone is amazed.

  7. covington race says:

    Simply carry every card written on a card, all 52 and soh the one Simon
    said, you need Simon to tell you his card so you can pick it out and drag
    out the time to pick it out. Carry the most common cards. It only shows on
    the last card so the final card is all that needs to be swapped.

  8. Marin Koch says:

    how did he do they that?!?!

  9. Matthew Bridger says:

    What is the name of the instrumental at the start of his actual magic

  10. Hashi says:

    Oh shit!

  11. RelativeBadger says:

    Stop the video on 3:59 and the card is NOT the 7 of hearts.

  12. Sairam Patnaik says:
  13. Jossif says:

    He must have bought the cash and the cards from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

  14. Kao Chang says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t get the golden buzzer

  15. Rami Arnaout says:

    3:35 he takes the last card out of his pocket and there you have it

  16. Toon Willemot says:

    What’s the song playing in the background?

  17. Danny B says:

    I came here for Simon’s reaction.

  18. glasjanus says:

    The real trick is to get the chosen card under the deck in a split
    second…the rest is the standard “toon cardtrick”

  19. Morgan Simonsen says:

    What is the song that plays after he goes through?

  20. Forever Foam Insulation says:

    That’s real magic :) 

  21. 吴肖煜 says:
  22. henrik2k says:

    take notice in the way he is asking them to pick colours and numbers, he is
    all the time instructing simon to pick 7 of hearts… its called
    manipulation and has been done by magicians for years…. very easy… in
    the magician world it is regarded as an “easy applause”….. his sleight of
    hand is respectable though

  23. ENiGMA says:

    Great to see after several years of no one doing cardtoon, someone is
    bringing it back, but I hope he comes up with either some more original or,
    we’ll just tricks that you don’t buy basically. Some real mzgic. But this
    was well performed :) 

  24. Mandelbulb says:

    Cool trick, was amazed at first. But easy solution and a commercial
    product.. not very original.

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