Boobs Flashing Kissing Prank

January 2, 2015 by Admin  
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Boobs Mind Reading for Flashes Prank This is my “Kissing Prank” (kissing strangers) how to kiss in public at Venice Beach! Today we are using mind reading to…
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25 Responses to “Boobs Flashing Kissing Prank”
  1. Kookie C says:

    This guy pisses me off so much. Every single video with him in it is him
    taking advantage of girls on the streets. He thinks hes so fucking cool

  2. keelan mcginty says:

    Jesus Christ…
    “What are the chances i picked 52″
    then the girl says “1 out of 100″
    fucking retards living in america..

  3. Zlatan Ibrahimović says:

    THIS CHANNEL IS DISGUSTING AS FUCK. and YOU skinny tall kid are gay for
    kissing a drunk whore that just flashed everyone around you. I’m open
    minded more than anybody here. and you know why ? because i think its not
    okay to put a drunk girl on the spot and ask for flashing boobs. and yet
    these girls are ALL whores.

  4. maritza conley says:

    All of these videos shows how much of a sick person you are.and with with a
    sick sense humor.
    You play tricks on girls
    And kind of pressured to do these sick things
    And your subscribers support you
    Your just disgusting!

  5. Chris Ferrero says:

    If these sorry looking losers can get poon then there’s hope for everyone

  6. Thranduil Oropherion says:

    if i were those girls, i would just walk away. why women are so easy these
    days hmm…

  7. Msl LogYt says:

    Men’s logic (and “schadenfreude” women’s) :
    - Boy grabs girl’s ass –> Boy is a player and girl is a slut
    - Girl grabs boy’s ass –> Boy is a player and girl is a slut
    - Boy grabs boy’s ass –> Eww that’s gay

    Conclusion: Take your “there is already equality” bullshit and shove it up
    your ass. I wonder why do we even have to put up with assholes like you.
    You don’t give ANYTHING positive to society. You should all be gathered and
    executed, cause people who make this society as fucked up as it is now
    don’t deserve to live

  8. Crapoop765 says:

    This guy is a fucking asshole and a pervert and these girls are such
    fucking sluts. This crap is worse than porn, it shows us how far society
    has gone to the point of creating parasitic, hypocrite and arrogant human
    beings who take advantage of everything and have no respect for themselves
    anymore. I’m gonna kill this motherfucker.

  9. James Wydin says:

    Hey guys what u are doing is not right, this is very immoral and evil –
    where are your values, there is no modesty and values anymore, how can u
    wear a cross and do such evil acts? Do you not fear God?

  10. Anthony Chase says:

    How the fuck is this guy always just asking for a kiss then they make out
    and they let him grab their ass.. i’ve seen like videos where this

  11. Freddie Corleon says:

    Prankster – “Pick a number from 1-1000 -what are the odds of me picking
    your number”

    Girl – “I don’t know”

    Seriously what are they teaching people over in America? like she looked at
    least 20 and she can’t answer that off the bat?

  12. Ean Gdaniec says:

    Is this a lot easier then we think? Do we just need confidence?

  13. a6a5 says:

    Most guys slutshame and say “all the girls are sluts” but they secretly
    wish they had balls like him

    The more you guys slut shame, the more girls will become prudes… good
    luck getting the girl you like to fuck you.
    It’s a vicious cycle…

  14. Terry. A. says:

    Do these girls even have standards or morals even dignity fuck sakes

  15. Shaan Khangura says:

    why do people like watching this shit. i mean do u really come home and be
    like “fuck yeah im gunna go watch a dude make out with a bunch of

  16. Neddskorg says:

    Pretty good trick writing the number with his thumb.Got to try this with
    the kids lol.

  17. Sarvesh Parakh says:

    Half of the people in the world are worried about the safety of the girls
    in their families from social crimes like rapes abd other sexual assaults
    and this guy here is publicly doing a kind of social assualt and taking
    advantage of the grls. Plus those grls r sluts tat they get into pranks
    with such assholes. Where’s the police now? Get this guy for public social
    violence of women!!

  18. CinamonPizza says:

    No… just no
    Try pulling something that dosent involve girls flashing in public
    Go to a Porn website or something to get your daily dose of tittys
    This is just wrong

  19. truegirl2anna says:

    SoFloAntonio was wearing a cross around his neck….wowwwww that’s just
    offense to Christians. Lol dang. 

  20. Marcus Roberts says:

    Look at his right finger. When they tell him tge number he writes it using
    his fingernail. The type og paper he’s using is like a heat and pressure
    paper. When you apply pressure to the paper it writes. Some malls like my
    own, use this type of paper on receipts. 

  21. Dwayne Cooper says:

    At the end of every video he always says I love hearing your guys comments
    but really I’m not sure why knowing he has this much hate and deserves it.
    Grow some balls slim jim

  22. hannah droogan says:

    He isn’t taking advantage of anyone. Everyone has a choice in this world
    and he and those women made their own decisions. You may think it’s immoral
    but another person may think it’s just a little spur of the moment fun. If
    you have a problem with this then don’t watch the damn videos. 

  23. Montel Okafor says:

    I mean y’all can hate but he is gonba keep doing him he is gonba keep doibg
    what he does no matter what you say I nean hevis still kissing those girls
    and seeing their boobs and shit It dont matter so just get on with it

  24. deiviz pan con palta says:

    Pervert detec

  25. John Tskio says:

    It’s funny how people think this shit it legit. smh fucking retards. 

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