Bigblindmedia Magic TV (EP3) – Learn ‘TOMATO ACES’ Card Trick for FREE!

May 5, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn Liam Montier’s ‘Tomato Aces’ routine… … a demo of new Vanishing Inc mentalism blockbuster release ‘Timeless’… some chat… some shenanigans AND MORE! Click here to SUBSCRIBE…
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8 Responses to “Bigblindmedia Magic TV (EP3) – Learn ‘TOMATO ACES’ Card Trick for FREE!”
  1. Mobbmaster says:

    this is good! may i ask what deck is that?

  2. frenchbullfrog says:

    Liam where did you get that Funky Tee ??

  3. Josh Roach says:

    yeah. what deck is that?

  4. BigBlindMedia says:

    @SmithMagicMan – i shall RETTTTTTURN (next episode). thanks for missing me.
    my wife rarely notices if i am gone.

  5. BigBlindMedia says:

    @twotonedSKAzn – thanks dude. i have just finished editing episode 5 and it
    features a section with andi gladwin and rob james that literally had me
    crying with laughter.

  6. twotonedSKAzn says:

    Oh my god Andi Gladwin cracks me up so badly. Another great episode guys,
    keep up the excellent work!!

  7. KevinSchaller says:

    hahahaha Andi is funny

  8. Geeta Thakur says:


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